Here it goes Billy...Where will the Priders finish in 06.??

I will add my view, dead last in the West..unless you can secure a QB...
This is not a Rider Bashing topic ...Just a new topic...
Seems like Dentor and the rider nation left, jm02 , Billy and Roughy defending Rider pride..

I will happily defend my Team. With the defence alone, the team will win more games then the Bombers will. The Riders have a VERY solid core for their team. They are really only lacking in 3-4 positions. QB, rec, MLB, and kicker.
Now all of these positions we have somebody adequate. Well we'll see about Qb and rec. Receivers will be better then last year if Matt stays healthy, which he should, which will take the heat off our droppy recievers..ahem French, ahemm cough.

Qb, Crandell can run an offence, he cannot star in one. Nealon is a piece of Trash that should be thrown out. But behind that O-line of ours Crandell can do ok with the right schemes. He does have Holmes Szarka, and maybe kieth, to hand the ball off and take the pressure off. Plus Bellefaiule isn't running the offence anymore so thats a plus.

MLB, Simpson is available, and I expect the riders to at least try at him. If not McCullough is not bad at all. He played well when Trevis Smith had his "problems".

Kicker, don't think McCallum has the leg anymore for place kicking. He has turned into a very accurate punter though. With the extra spots on the roster maybe we can add a pure kicker.

I honestly see the Riders to contend for the Cup. There was a 5 game stretch when the Riders were probably the best team in the league, and if they can spread that out over the whole season, I expect good things

and those 5 games, they were being QB'd by Crandell.

The Pittsburgh Steelers proved this is a team sport and you dont need a good quaterback. In my opinion, Rotty did ok as a qb, but not outstanding, and definately not in the elite in the NFL (randel el probably can throw better :slight_smile: ). Anyhow our D rules and if we can find a way to stop the 4th quarter crap that we have been doing defensively, we will win games. plus what if ray or burris or dickenson go down. what depth do these teams have now?

I would disagree with you on Ben, but I agree with you on everything else.

I say the Riders will place 4th in the west and will be in the hunt for the CO again, but come up short.

  1. Cal
  2. Edm
  3. Wpg

  1. Sask
  2. BC

i agree with the dependence some teams have in their star qb. bc is interesting because dd is injury prone and their oline is weak. if dd goes down early it could be a long year. cgy still not sold on burris but he has shown improvement for sure. if he maintains this or not is huge for how their team does. edm is a solid team but without ray would be much worse and would drop in the standings considerably. sask and wpg do nt rely on their qbs. they also do not have the potential to be dynamite because of this. both teams will be avg regardless of qb injuries. other teams will be very good or bad depending on their qb health.

I think that it is too early to tell what place the Riders will come in this season. The only change that the riders have made are to replace the 2 coaches that have left for greener pastures. As far as players the only change that I know for sure is that Trevis Smith will not be back because of his legal troubles. I think one of the receivers was not going to be offered a contract although I cannot remember which one it was going to be.

I dont think you will see too many changes in the offensive strategy this year even with the new OC. Danny Barrett did say in interviews that Marcel did not deserve to bear the brunt of the fans anger for the failures with the offense in 2005. which leads me to ask how much of the offensive strategy was Marcel responsible for. One of the things about the Riders organization is that there is very little news that comes out to the press about the club. You definately will not hear any major news til after Feb 15.

So it comes down to what changes and what players will be acquired and which ones will be lost. Unfortunately I do not have a crystal ball to look into the future to see which players will be signed and lost and I have no idea how training camp will go this year. so I wont speculate on what may be.

Being an optomistic Rider fan, Maybe we will get that home playoff game we have always wanted. Being a realistic Rider fan, If they keep everything the same from last year then I think the Riders will do no better than third.

Finally a topic I can respond to. I agree I haven't been here to defend the Riders because what has there been to talk about? The sportsnet forum has better topics, even though all of them a longshot rumors.
The question is do the Riders have a real shot at signing any big name free agents, or even our good ones. Thurmon wants to test free agency, Tucker will end up with Hamilton or Edmonton, Simpson wants a team with a quarterback. Is Kairikari still available?
No doubt we need to improve our team but we will still make the playoffs definatly infront of Winnipeg, maybe a crossover again. I don't see Edmonton or Toronto being a big force this year.

Sask and Winnipeg will battle it out for 4th and 5th in the west.

I love the blind predictions. Why don't you throw some reasons behind these. I'd be delighted to hear Kanga's football "analysis"

Those 5 games were against Ottawa, Hamilton, and Winnipeg! :wink: :wink: :wink:

BC 5th????? Kanga, you are such a dreamer!

Its so early for predictions. The free agent market starts next week.

okay... Winnipeg has done nothing so far to improve their team in the off-season, and its not like they were top of the league last year. Unless they make some key signings in the off-season, look for them to finish low like i stated. Saskatchewan hasn't done anything either this off-season. If they don't get a decent quarterback, decent receviers or a kicker I don't see them going anywhere. And no I don't think that Crandell or Greene are the answers to the problem, the passing game for the riders was pretty pathetic last year IMO. The team is based solely on its running game and that doesn't get you very far in 3-down football.

From your statement I don't know if you're joking or not but anyways we beat Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Toronto, Edmonto, and B.C..

Just stiring the pot roughy!

winnipeg has made some significant improvements actually. ie a coaching staff. we never had one last year with rust running away and daley pretending to run the show. then we added albert johnson and added multiple new players at the end of last season. also we lost ryan which will hurt but overall things do look much improved over last year. still lacking some big pieces though.

Free agency hasn't started yet so it is kinda hard for the Riders to make any signings. The Riders will be battling for second place again like they did last year and the year before. No team in the west is that strong and will run away with the division. They will finish above Winnepeg, Edmonton, and be battling with Calgary and BC for the top two spots, assuming Dickenson stays healthy.

Assuming the QB situation stays like it currently is (which it may not, but for the sake of argument … ) Yes, it is true that BC, Edmonton and Calgary are an injury away from having to go with an unproven QB, but that injury may not come (Ray and Burris have proven themselves to be fairly durable) - and if it doesn’t, Winnipeg and Saskatchewan are simply way too weak at the QB position to be considered a serious contender. The CFL is a QB’s league, and I don’t think Crandell, Greene, Glenn, or whoever else may QB for Ssk or Wpg has got what it takes to lead their team to glory (or at least a home playoff game). Basically, as long as Dickenson, Ray and Burris stay healthy, Sask and Wpg are going to be behind … and it’s not like any of those guys will be out for all 18 games, anyway (knock on wood, at least for Burris :wink:)
This could of course change with a big QB signing … but the QB market is really stable right now, and to boot, the two big QB controversies (Edmonton and BC) have been resolved.

I'd say that the biggest problem the Riders had last year was at their reciever position. True, we don't have a strong quarterback, but any quarterback will look bad if your recievers are constantly dropping passes, or not running their routes. We also didn't have a very good mix up of plays. We got a new offensive coordinator so we'll have to see if this makes a difference.