Here is why there should be no alcohol at games

I would hate to think these ignorant Miami fans would not have to be drunk to be this assinine

Josh Allen Fan Kicked In Face In Wild Brawl Outside Of Bills-Dolphins Game (

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You don't need alcohol to behave like a brood.

Alcohol just brings out your true personality.

Not everyone behaves like that fan.


Don't blame the Alcohol. Maybe that Bills fan should think twice about wearing Bills team colors at a Dolphins home game or talk smack to Dolphins fans about the game. That makes one a target and inviting trouble

That Bills fan had every right to wear that jersey.

He, however, didn't have the right to be beaten like a government mule.


Blame the victim?


I'm a Bruin fan. I don't wear Bruins gear to a Leafs game.

Why do think bars don't allow biker colors in their establishments. To keep the peace. The visiting side should attend the game in regular attire.

He got what he deserved for being a fool to wear an opposing team colors in the lions den. He must've said something to get punched out. I found that these Bill fans are getting obnoxious since they were picked to be Superbowl contenders. Be humble, don't boast until you won something

BTW, Where was his buddies? Don't go to a danger zone without some backup

Blame his stupidity

Sorry, I always thought that Canada and the U.S. were free countries where people could wear what they want, where they want and not be violently attacked...even have their lives put in danger

And then be accused as the problem


if you're stupid to wear an opposing team colors in unfriendly territory, you have the right to get a beatdown. The Bills fans were probably talking smack as they left the Hard Rock Stadium.

Ticats fans do the same shit when they come to BMO Field. I had to leave last year's regular season game early when you know shit is gonna happen and sure enough it did happen as Ti-Cat fans were fighting with Argonaut players. An Argo management man lost his job just trying to keep the peace by diffusing a fight

No sympathy here. Go tell your story to the authorities, if you want some satisfaction or retribution

Not going to bother arguing with someone who thinks they have the right to beat the crap out of someone for wearing a jersey

Have a nice day

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it's not an argument. It's common sense. It about being smart and protecting your well being. Don't advertise being a target.

You have a nicer day

the fact that people think it’s acceptable or ok to target people (physically or verbally) based on the jerseys they wear is moronic, regardless of sport, team or location.


No. If you want to wear your team colors, do it in your in your home stadium or arena.

It's not moronic to stay injury free and out of the emergency ward.

the aliens say hi


That's the best you go! You lost the argument. Move on, GG

There are a ton of people who wear Leafs or Habs gear to Oilers games. Does that mean I have the right to beat them all up?


Tons of Rider jerseys in Winnipeg and vice versa as well. Maybe there have been fights in the past but I haven’t seen one. We mostly get along and party.


Seems like some people think they do.

I see fans wearing the visiting team's jersey at every game....not once did I think that gave me the right to kick any of them in the teeth

That would seem to me to be pretty obvious.