Here is what I dont understand.

If the powers that be decide that it is better to have reg season games on Sat than Sun, then why play post season on Sun.

I like to have my cake and eat it too.

I’ve wondered the same.

Perhaps we’ll see a return to Saturday playoff games next season . . . or, preferably, Sunday regular season games.

The thinking is probably Sunday is the day that people don’t mind spending the day going to the game or in front of the boob tube. Saturdays are usually spent doing things you need to do and Sunday is the day you spend relaxing after you do the things you had to do or recovering from your Saturday. Plus we only have 5 play off games all together, its just easier to do. Maybe it will change when we have more teams.

And yet the league moved away from Sundays and scheduled more Saturday games in the regular season this year. ???

To that effect, maybe the league is trying to re-market itself as “your big saturday night plan” ?

Might be for the youngins. I dunno

This is why:

I would rather watch the game on a Sunday over Saturday anytime

There was an experiment a decade ago approximately (possibly longer) that they moved some playoff games to Saturday. It tanked badly. Attendance bad, TV ratings were down. Hmmm, something that is happening now in regular season.

Keep on Sundays.

The move to Saturdays for me has always appeared to be a TSN move more than a CFL move. Once TSN lost out on the NHL contract, they went all in on the NFL. CFL had really strong numbers at the time, probably didn’t want both of their biggest ratings players on same day. Only thing, the Canadian league in Canada on Canadian TV shouldn’t have had to wave the white flag.

I will stop my rant there, as I have already shared that part of it under other topics, namely schedule.

We don’t know that those ratings may not increase on a Saturday. And I don’t want to hear about some failed experiment in the 1980s or whatever it was.

I understandThe CFL generally avoids Sunday games so as not to compete with NFL on TV.
What I don’t understand is why is the GC, and Super Bowl are played Sunday night, restricting post game party time.

I remember hearing when they switched the Grey Cup to Sunday from Saturday so many years ago it was in fact to reduce post, pre and during game party time and drunkenness.

Having the games on Sunday evenings lends itself to a more captive TV audience. More people are out and about on Saturdays.

Same reason why major award shows and WWE pay per views etc…are on Sunday evenings too.

but why then not the reg season games on sunday. Why wouldn’t the reasoning behind that also apply to post season?

I wouldn’t be against this, but is it really the CFLs place to be concerned about these issues away from the games and the stadiums?

Well I did review the full CBC voting guide in depth to figure out where I stand though not eligible to vote in Canada.

And it is very well done and ordered unlike here in the US.

And so I think I understand but more than likely still don’t understand.

So there you go folks.

When I move to BC can you please run for provincial office sir?


Yeah, I see that line of thinking. My guess is playoff numbers are significantly higher than the regular season, this and Bell’s NFL coverage won’t canalobize each other.

Hopefully should the Schooner launch and there will be 5 games a week, a Sunday game a week should be on the regular season too.

What does this have to do with CFL games scheduling?

Sorry sir I merely went by the title of the thread. Label threads accurately folks!

Wolf completely nails it.