Here is what happens when your football ops are part time...

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I doubt very much if AC would have wanted or felt comfortable with a press conference for being named an offensive assistant. Maybe the day he is named Head Coach....

That’s not the issue. The issue is perception and media reaction. When Ron Fournier decides to shut down a topic because he feels the organization is disrespectful and lackluster the result is less visibility and support from the media for the franchise.

I don’t think AC would have ojbected driving to the Big O or a Downtown Hotel to meet the media.

Fournier aurait trouvé une façon de critiquer les Alouettes de toute façon. Son but est d'être bien vu de Bell, des Molson, du club de hockey et à la limite de Saputo qui peut acheter pas mal d'annonces. En critiquant les Alouettes, il se met dans les grâces de leurs concurrents.

Fournier did say he has a great deal of respect for Weightman.

Ron Fournier is the #1 sport talk show host in Montreal, he is quite above that. He just called it like he and I saw it.