With so many threads being starting
many of you missed this post by bob
Posted: Aug 14, 2006 - 11:31 PM

Real fans of the Cats will not give up that easy. Yeah, we're a little down right now, and justifialbly so.....but we'll hang in because we have faith in the caretaker.

I have three season tickets and they will be renewed at the end of the year. When you say that you'll bring us a championship team, I know we can take that to the bank.

As far as a rookie GM is concerned, I think that Rob Katz has done a outstanding job. His job is to get the people signed and since he took over that role, we've been able to sign almost every player we pursued.

Solid flippin post !! :thup:

Same here about the 3 seasons....I'm re-newing in a heartbeat cause I believe...

And I concur about the Katzmeister......the dood is ok in my books! (even though I hate him cause he escapes to Florida in the winter...grrrrrrrrrrrr) :wink:


of course i'm going to renew...i'm a glutton for punishment!! I'm still pissed tho!

I will be renewing season tickets next year hopefully too, just because the experience is one of a kind...although I don't think it will be in the same seats as I have this year in section 9 because college + football tickets is pretty pricey...I am hoping to move to the endzone so I can save a few bucks, and still watch some football!

It disgust & frustration after the loss in Saskatchewan, I was among those who called out for a bulldozing of the football ops...

If I get season tickets next year, it will be because life keeps me here... not whether the Cats win or lose. I'm finishing up my undergrad. I don't know where that will take me. That aside, Bob seems to be in line with what the majority of fans have discussed & he too in re-affirming Kats & Lancaster as 'interims', has pointed to this team's taking yet another direction.

--2004 wasn't idicative of the actual capability...

--2005 proved a new direction was needed...

--2006 showed the wrong direction was taken...

--2007 will be another roll of the dice with a new football operation, however, the lessons of the past 3 years will play into the decisions even more so...

I see no reason at this point to boycot the Tiger-Cats... lets see whats around the next corner.

do we still have a chance this season or r they finshed now for good

Thanks for that Ron.!
I'm actually looking forward to going out to the game Saturday night,but ,the football side of things hurts the stomach....

Tha air is cooling ,feels like football season.

Hope Richie Williams and Eakin come in and throw some passes to spell Jason.

PS..I missed it too.

Thanks for re-posting the Caretakers comments. I missed it the the first time around.

As John Salavantis said to Ron Lancaster on the 5th Quarter

Losing is not fatal.

bob will not rest until he has the right savvy veteran football people in place
who can lead us to the end of that yellow brick road he spoke of way back.

Sorry folks weve been hearing the same story for 2 years. These talented foolball people are still not doing there job.

What part of interim don't you understand?

what part of most fans are sick of having a losing team dont you understand? How Interim is Mr Katz? he's been around since last year. I think he has done a great job getting players no doubt. The coaching staff are not interim at all aside from Ron. There is a huge lack of motivation in this group and it shows in the performance. Its not all roses with this team and it shows. Fans have every right to express there opinion until some real progress is made.

Then you will have to wait until the off-season, tcmike.

You know at the start of the last three seasons I have had increasingly heightened expectations. The first year having signed all of the free agents, unlike the previous regime, I was expecting a competitive team. I have to say the '04 Cats exceeded my expectations.

In '05 with the Coach of the Year, I thought we might make it to the Eastern Final, and with a little luck the Grey Cup. The '05 Cats played well below what I anticipated.

In '06 with the encouraging list of FA signings and a new OC I thought of the Eastern Final once again. At this point that prospect seems very dim. (Still could happen though, after all this is the CFL).

Next year, after the roller coaster of the last 3 years, no matter what happens, my expectations are to hopefully not be embarrassed and to have a reasonably competetive team. For this reason, I think the '07 Cats should be able to at least meet my expectations. Here's hoping...

Great posts , Ron.
Will continue to be there at Cat games. I know we are all tired of the comments coming from the coaches and players that we have to play better, yada yada yada...
But having a team to cheer for is better than having no team at all.

The problem is simple. That quote sums up what it means to be a TICAT fan. The only time you get any sense of satisfaction is during the annual off-season make-over. Meanwhile this "interim" team is making decisions about players that will have a long term impact on the teams future. Now were stuck hoping that the Bob and Rob show will make the right choices in terms of the future management team. Given their track record, you'll forgive a few of us if we're somewhat sckeptical about the future. Our Coach can't make it any clearer. We need to find players that will play with a little bit of pride. How far this glorious franchise has fallen when the Head Coach (and a man with a lifetime of experience in this league) feels that he has to call out his players like that (and not for thr first time).

My comment was in response to what I percieved as a wish for "instant gratification" in getting a new HC and assistants and bringing in new talent immediately. That is simply not going to happen during the season. It is disasterous enough with what and whom we have, but to bring in a Charlie Taffe or a new GM at this time would almost certainly cause a great deal of heartache between the current organization and the new one. Imagine if Lancaster wants to bench/fire a certain player for being a cancer, and the incoming HC or GM vetoing it. Talk about Clash of the Titans...

Sigpig, I agree that changes in the coaching staff (with the possible exception of having the HC and QB call the offensive plays) wouldn't help this year. Not sure that I can agree that we hold off in the pursuit of a new GM. The sooner the new guy is in place, the sooner the team can begin to make decisions about which players they want here for the long term etc. In any event, my real point was simply that the only time it is any fun being a TICAT fan is the off-season, when hope springs eternal. Once the season starts, this franchise has been a huge disappointment. I'd like to see that change.

new head coach next year,should mean all new assitant coaches as well. :rockin: