Here is the problem - How much more can we take?

AGAIN i will say this, the defense is not responding to Marshall, it is time to FIRE Marshall and do it quick. Besides Berry and the player's arguing with Marshall on the sidelines every game, there is something wrong with that group and it starts with the coach (Marshall). His play calling is sub-par at best, we have been torched through the air too much and his caling is pittiful, seems like we are in prevent for 60 minutes.

FIRE MARSHALL NOW - We have a great defence and Marshall isn't utilizing it the right way.

Special teams suck, and i have said this before, ROB PIKULA SUCKS, give Troy another shot.

I can't take anymore of Greg Marshall, fire his ass now and hire someone else, guaranteed the D will respond to a new co-ordinator and play like they can.

Are you suggesting we fire Marshall aka Denny Creenhan in Calgary at this point in the season/ If so that’s a big gamble and who would you suggest take over the reins?

I'm not saying I disagree but who gets the job?

If it's any consulation, Sunday's game film will point out everything that is wrong with the Bomber defence. If the correct adjustments are not made for the next game then I say sure fire Marshall immediately. There can be no excuses for another performance like that one.

The Bombers are in trouble beyond the issues with Marshall as well. They look just like last year's team, and are going as far too.

hey top hat did u not see how good the clagary d is picking up. they fire change from 3-4 to a 4-3 and all of a sudden better defence. no clue who takes over but marshall isn’t helping the cause. but thena gain neither are the injuries.

Jeff Reinbold!

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Just Kiddin!

The injury to Bolden has got to hurt. I wouldn't write off Marshall yet.

Has Taman got the right players on defense for Marshall to work with?

...according to the press sport, in eskiville...Marshal is getting a real good look for the head-coaching job there...I hope he hasn't packed his bags already...Machoka might hang around or if that doesn't happen....the story could be true....Danny M. will probably head off to the Als....and it'll be a run for the top job in Edmonton probably between Marshal and Creehan...see how close i get on this one....I know i've been wrong before :roll: :wink: :lol:

I don't care who replaces Marshall, it is obvious the player's do not like him, his play calling is the
sh!ts (seems we play prevent for 60 mins and hope the offence can win).

Look at Calgary after they fired creehan, they are winning, coincidince (i think not), the players will alway's respond better to a new coach, especially after disliking the old one (see Bolden and Hebert bitching at Marshall, not to mention berry games in a row bitching at Marshall).

If i had to put $100 on the line, i would say Marshall and his play calling doesn't suit our defence. And how can you say that Marshall has no players to work with ... lol ... On paper we have the best D in the league (see Canada, Hebert, Walls, Brown, Haywood, Simpson, Hall, Bolden, Charlton). Whoever said this , please give your head a shake.

It is obvious that Hebert, Bolden and Berry do not agree with Marshall, what do you think the rest of the D thinks?

Let's see what happens in the rematch. The players aren't blaming the coaches, they are blaming themselves for not executing the way they are supposed to. I guess we'll find out Friday if that's the case.

If that is the case you might as well kiss the season goodbye. No team no matter how good they are will win when they have to fight against the other team and against themselves.


You might be right on that one. Marshall would fit the Edmonton psyche better than Bombers????

I keep hearing about breakdowns in basic defensive coverage? I've said it before, either the defence is too complicated, the coach can't communictae it or the players just aren't wired to understand. I hate hearing this redundant crap about injuries and guys playing different postions. Wouldn't any coach make his players aware that they might have to fill in at another postion in the case of injury and make sure they ALL get it?


It's a bit of everything you mention there TH.

Here's my take.

The system Marshall runs is very complex, the defence is not tipping it's hat early on what the coverage will be, which means they have very little time to get into it once the ball is snapped. One can appreciate that it would be difficult for regular guys to pull this off every down, now factor in all the injuries and body shuffling going on and it can become a train wreck like Calgary. Add to that, guys have to know when they are passing receivers off to each other. At the best of times, with 5 regulars there's bound to be confusion once in a while. We basically have two guys from last year in the system, Malveaux and Hebert, with Bean and AM being out so much with injury.

The only cure I see is staying healthy with 5 or 6 guys in there getting familiar with each other down the stretch. (Crosses fingers).