Here is how I see em today (ranking)

I think any team other than Toronto has a 50 50 chance of beating any other team.

I would tend to say that the top 7 are all tied for number one ranking.

However, based on who I have the most faith in right now against anyone else, I would rank


I only just now realized that I have all west on top, but thats the way I would bet.

yes sask beat overacheiving wpg twice, but then while playing at home, it took two late giveaways by jyles to sow up the game for them against the lowly argos. Argos should have won that game

sask hasnt beat a western team yet.

After the last 2 weeks your rankings I think are pretty actual. It has been a crazy season so far and whoever is healthy and has a hot hand in November will take it. With the exception of Toronto all the other teams can beat up on each other on any given week.

BC's on fire, game of the week with them and the Riders coming up, someone will be 'cooled' down.

in my opinion the top 6 could be arranged in any order you want and you can't argue with it a whole lot. I would have BC at #1 myself.

No way you can have BC ahead of Wpg as the Bombers have beaten us twice (most recently at home only a month ago) - this coming from the biggest Lions fan around!

its about today, not a month ago

Calagry and their lack luster play was ranked in 2nd (3rd in your ranking list). They should be no higher then 4th. BC, Sask, Winnipeg should all be higher then the Stamps.

I think this will be the week where everything will be pretty much figured out.. Im not taking it away from BC (altho a lot of you will think I have).. but of thier last 4 games, they played Edmonton when they were decimated with injuries, played Toronto twice when they still had Lemon as thier QB.. and then played Calgary when thier d was staggered..
But yea.. I think that right now.. any team can beat any other team.. and that includes Toronto with Jyles...

I reallize that, but did you see the Bombers victory yesterday with a banged up QB? I know how handily BC beat the Stamps, but when deciding "which team is the best team today?" you have to factor in what happened 4 wks ago when they met as BC's line-up was the same as it is now. Just IMO.

Well it has not beena boring season to date. Any team is capable of an upset, well outside of TO. Should be a great second half, lets hope the Riders start to gel as a team.

Wow i usually don't even comment on stuff like this but it is soo stupid that i feel i have no choice. Not sure you understand how power rankings work. Its not just based on three games or four games, its based on who has been the best team all things considered to this point in the season. Bombers are number one without a doubt to this point. But ya 4-7 in front of a league best 8-3 in mind blowing, even considering the usual delusional rider fan logic. :roll:

a power ranking is supposed to give you a ranking of teams going forward. not very many power rankings do a good job of reflecting this any more, but that’s how it’s supposed to work. if you want a ranking of who the best team has been so far, look at the standings. not much point in having a power ranking if it’s just the standings re-stated.

no, its not. thats what the standings are for. Clearly it is you who has no idea what power rankings are. Power rankings is about who is best right NOW.

I agree with FYB, power rankings should indicate the strongest teams at that time. Having said that how could you have WPG at 5th when all they did was waltz into Montreal and come out with a win - a pretty rare feat.
In my mind I do have BC at the top thanks to 4 straight big wins, but that will change next week and WPG takes over top spot.

Power ratings are subjective and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Even objective mathematical models have design flaws too. If the present is the main criteria, BC is clearly the best team. But in the end, only points count in determining standings for playoffs. So power rankings don't matter.

doesnt everyone know all the bombers wins were complete luck? every other team completely deserves their wins. B.C is definately the best team right now, it took a really gutsy effort to beat Toronto twice in a row, with Jyles in his first game as an argo. They are almost unbeatable and as close to perfect as i have seen in a long time. Those 5 wins really epitimise what it means to be a top tier team in this league and even though they lost twice to winnipeg but those losses were all bad luck.

:wink: Nick

BC's on a roll yes but so is SK ... Lulay was 50/50 vs Cal ... so we'll see what happens in SK this week. (I'm picking BC though.) Cal and EE ... meh, they're all over the place, who knows ... no "power" there. After coming out ahead of Mtl this week I think Wpg would put a stop to BCs drive.

I might switch calgary and winnipeg in your rankings, but overallnthe order seems about right. I have questions about EE as well but would probably them in 2nd. Riders well if they come out flat in any of the remaining games, we might be in trouble, as we play mostly conference teams.

Now I will check out the CFL rankings...

My rankings:

  1. BC - I'll take them against anybody right now, they're on fire.
  2. Winnipeg - Injuries have hurt, but they're finding a way to get it done.
  3. Edmonton - Look great with Stamps back.
  4. Calgary - Inconsistent but if Good Hank shows up they can hang with anybody.
  5. Saskatchewan - Looking better now, but I'm not totally convinced.
  6. Montreal - Also inconsistent, along with too many bad penalties. On the upside they get to beat up on Hamilton and Toronto.
  7. Hamilton - At least they get to beat up on Toronto? Not sure they'll beat anybody else again this year.
  8. Ottawa Renegades - Will definitely have a respectable team before Toronto.
  9. Toronto Maple Leafs - Probably can't beat the Argos in football. Will definitely beat them in golf, and the golf course is the only place either of them will play in the post season.
  10. Toronto - Jermaine Who? No disrespect to Andre Durie who is emerging as a threat, but the Argos need a #1 and #2 receiver before they'll be competitive.

Thanks for clearing up the difference between standing’s and power ranking guys lol. The truth, however, is the power ranking’s do for the most part follow the standing’s. Sure some teams move up and down based on a hot or cold streak, but generally the the top teams are the one’s highest in the standing’s. If you wanna get into who is playing best now, still your argument holds no water. We just came off a road win against the two time defending champs. If it was based purely on play of late then i guess a team who loses 14 straight and wins the next 4 straight should be ahead of the 14-4 team because they lost their last 4 ??