Here is how I hope it plays out


In an eight team league there isn't going to be a cross-over playoff birth. As much as Hamilton would like to have Jason Armsted , they don't want to have a strong Winnipeg team.

Lets hope Hamilton takes Kerry Joseph as the first pick. We later trade Corey Banks which is going to be our pick and maybe a first round draft and our a second round Ottawa pick for Kerry Joseph.

This is what I think makes the most sense for us and more importantly Hamilton.

The only barrier I see is Kerry Josephs 400,000 dollar per year contract. We are not in the postion to pay that but nor this Winnipeg either.

I just know Danny and Roy with mess it up but ...................................................Lets hope.



If it doesn't play out like that, do we get Corey Banks or a good Canadian O-Line so we can go with four americans at receivers.

I tell yeah, I wasn't impressed with Grant, French and Toukara last year.

Hamilton won't take Joseph.. They have Maas... They'll probably take Banks or Armstead. Winnipeg'll probably take Joseph, and we'll take whoever's left.

Why would the Bombers take Joseph? They have Glenn and Tee Martin, I can see them taking Armstead. Joseph would go to the Riders, and then maybe get a sure handed receiver , hopefully a guy like Woodcock will still be around when the Riders make their next choice. Oops, he is the wrong colour for this team

Actually in an eight team league there might be a crossover playoff berth. In the late 1990's the corssover was still intact with only 8 teams in the league, 1997 for example.

The way I hope it plays out is we swap picks with Hamiltion. We get #1 and they get #3 and we give them a college draft pick in return. We then take Joseph.

edit: I guess Jim Hopson stated that there won't be a crossover berth this year.

in my opinion, the Riders should go after Joesph regardless of his salary. I not to impress with our QB's we have now and should make a trade with Hamilton to get that 1st spot. :wink: if not i guess any other player they pick will improve the team :mrgreen:

armstead would make the biggest impact for the greeners. dominguez is good but he is going to feel awfully alone this year.

Contrary to what Papa will tell you, the Bombers need a better starting QB. Glenn is a capable backup at best. Tee Martin should join Ted White and dissapear into the sunset.

But if you guys have a chance at Joseph, that would be a substantial upgrade to your team.

The question remains
Are the drafting teams bound by Ottawa's contracts?

I really don't know how the contract situation is going to work. As far as I am consearned, any contract or contract extension said after the 2005 season should be scraped.

For example, Kerry Josephn signing a 2 million dollar 5 year deal with a team on verge of bankrupty this winter. What a joke.

Ro the contracts signed by the gades are binding including bonuses!

teams selecting players who have already recived bonus money will have to reimburse the Gliebermens who is refunding ticket money and paying coaches severance.
evedently some contracts were not registered with the league office ?????????

Well sportsmen, the Bombers also have Spurgeon Wynn, who proved he is capable of playing in this league. So with Glenn(who is better than either Crandell or Greene) , Wynn and Martin why in the hell would you take Joseph?? Hamilton needs a receiver and it looks like the Bombers do as well, so I would say Armstead is the hotter commodity than Joseph, Winnipeg would be smarter to take a receiver rather than a QB

sambo bombers dont have spurgeon,but u do have sence sayinh we need a receiver than a QB.But i bet there going for defencive players lets keep our fingers crossed for banks

If the Bombers take defensive players it would be ok for us Rider fans, as the Renegade was terrible last year, and if you want those players your more than welcome to them.

well u got a good point there,but specificly i mean defencive players i mean like banks then we should get armstead or woodcock

would a guy like Yo Murphy be available in the 2nd round?

I believe that the contracts of the Gade players will decide who goes where,me personally,Joseph isn't worth his salaryand Neolon deserves another shot at #1.Riders should pick players that we need,ie receivers,db's,offensive lineman(you never have enough OL in your stable,their the fist to get hurt)



Roy actually did it


Good Luck in Hamilton Corey