Here is a wacky idea

For those who are not so fond of the rouge, andor want more exciting returns and such, how about the cfl take a page out of arena football and raise nets around the endzones on punts, kicks field goals and converts, to keep the ball in play?

how about they dont. :wink:

I knew you would be the first to respond, and that it would be against.

Someday, I will start a thread saying the sun is yellow, just to see how quick you aree to tell me otherwise :twisted: :stuck_out_tongue:

I didnt realise that only those who agree were to reply.

You asked I answered!

For fieldgoals, seeing how the ball is already on a tee! The kicker now uses a 5 iron?

Why not use a baseball sized ball and give the recievers baseball gloves? Imagine the catches they could make.

Then we'd never see another fumble... maybe a few more dropped passes...

You would still see fumbles, it would not be so easy to keep the ball in the glove while being tackled. I dont see why you would see more dropped passes

Hey, I like that, football with a baseball. Far out.

Anything to do with golf should be outlawed.

Well now that were on the theme of rediculous why do we not give the linemen clubs.

Sorry, not dropped, incomplete.

Hows about we keep the CFL game the CFL game.. not the Canadian Arena Football League, or the Canadian National Football League... or any other hybrid of some other League.... I like our game the way it is. thats why I dont watch Arena football. (I do watch NFL, but like the CFL better.

Little balls and gloves - great idea!

man imagine .. 120 yd TD passes!

they'd have to increase the field length to 330 yds.. and 180yds wide! :stuck_out_tongue:

and they'd have to add more players!

I agree with you totally FootballYouBet, it is a whacky idea.

Are they still smoking those strange cigarettes out in Lotusland?