Here is a strange post on Kenton Keith

There is a post on Ourbombers that Kenton Keith is inquiring about appartments in Winnipeg, they don't say if it is for him or a friend but looks like he will be in Winnipeg to look them over himself. He and Printers share the same agent, wonder if it could be for him?

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Those twisted Bomber ingrate fans and their sordid lies!

....How many Kenton Keiths are there in the world.....This poster says his brother, who manages an apt. building was supposed to show a 'guy by the name' of Keith.....(doesn't say for sure it is Kenton) apartment...Could be anyone???? Of course if you go back to last year, Moreno was in a hotel room reading the Bomber playbook , before anyone knew he'd got on a plane and left Hamilton...Could this be another one of those...'deals' of Obies.....Can't imagine who the Bombers would be giving up in exchange for Keith in any event....Our backfield is set.....I think this is just ' holiday' rumour mongering.... :lol: :lol: :roll:

He says Kenton Keith a couple times...

But i did find it odd that he is on town looking for an apartment. My bro manages an apartment block on his days off and was called by [b]Kenton[/b]
. I was thinking more that he was looking on behalf of Casey Printers but who knows?

Is that the same agent that Printers just fired ?

What is this?

Is that the same Casey Printers that was supposed to be traded to MTL last fall?

Oh look ! The chihuahua crawls out from under the couch to bite some ankles. Ouch! Ouch! :lol:

No links provided in the thread there, and it was locked. Hmmm...

Oh well. Who cares what the Bomber trolls say on any subject anyway?

lol why report what someone said on a forum. Like there is any truth to any of this at all.

Like the rumour one of the draft picks was quitting football to go to med. school.

If it's negative and its about the Cats somebody finds it and it ends up here.

Keith isn't going anywhere. No way are we considering trading Keith. He was brought in from day one to be the starter because Obie knew Jesse would bolt or they simply weren't interested any more.

Kenton Keith apartment shopping for Casey Printers? :lol: :lol: :lol: That's rich.