Here is a shocker...out of the blue. Trade Geroy?

Don't want to rain on this parade but what do you think about trading Geroy at the end of the season? Before everyone starts crapping on me, he is getting up there in age and he still has some good mileage in him. Would fetch well in the market. I believe he has reached his peak and will naturally start to slide.Let's not pull a Marcus Naslund. This could secure the Lions for many years to come. This thread could anger many people but think about it before responding. Wally remember this is a business. :roll:

Lay off the crack pipe. We are already short on quality receivers, and you think we should trade our best one? Geroy has at least 3-4 more years in him, he is in great shape.

Maybe we should fire Buono while we're at it and pick up Charlie Taafe :roll:

Retrieval, RLR, Can't add much to those two posts.

As long as Brendan Taman is in Winnipeg, he'll keep sending us quality players!

Thank you, exactly my point. He only has 3 maybe 4 DECLINING years left. Let's face it we've seen the best of him and the show was great! Just like Fernandez era. The time is now to get something for the future. If you decide to do this say 2 years from now you're not going to get anything for him. Just let him become average and let that be the end of it. I say no!The Lions have done well over the years but I would not consider them a dynasty like Edmonton a few years back. Teams go through cycles, ups and downs, let's not allow the Lions to go through that rebuilding stage in a few years. If they trade Geroy they can get shore up several spots. Very good import receivers can be found. Lions have not really actively went looking over the years. Focus has been on the running back and Def. ends.

Remember Geroy may be in good shape and have decent speed but there is alot more to a receiver. People who know football know what I'm talking about.Wally consider this,even take the credit for it! :smiley:

Lastly, crack is for boneheads I like kokanee! :wink:

Are you really a B.C. fan ? Geroy is a hall of famer who will break lots of records if he stays healthy. I hope he stays here forever.Don't trade our best players.

You are drinling far to much and have become an Emptyset. :smiley: Can you imagine what a Bishop would do with a reciever like Geroy? Or RRay? Or Burris? Thats cutting off the hand that feeds them. Think it over again.

Very much so. Let's be proactive rather than reactive. This thread will not be popular but there are some things in life that need to be done. From a PR stand point I can see why we should keep him. But I would like this club to continue to do well in the near future. If you want to have 35,000+ fans at a game, they must continuously win. Like I mentioned before,many Lions fans are very fickle.

Actually not drinking enough today. :frowning: I could see your point but I don't want to go into detail about Geroy now but I just feel it's time. If the rest of the clubs feel the same way you all do, can you imagine what we can get for him. Wally it's up to you! You can solidify this team for years to come!Sacrifice a little bit of pain now for long term gain.You are the GM, job is to continuously win.Leave the bravado and PR to the Marketing Dept. Geroy's corner can be replaced! Listen to Emptyset!

Okay okay, I have the answer. You are all getting worked up for nothing. Emptyset is right, YES lets trade Geroy Simon...EXCELENT idea...but...why stop there...we should then SIGN Ricky Ray and Anthony Calvillo, and then lock up Kenyon Rambo, Wes Cates, and Jessie Lumsden to multi-year contracts, we will then draft the San Diego Charger Cheerleaders, and build a new stadium with a retractable roof and FREE FOOD FOR EVERYONE!!!!

Give your head a shake. He is still one of the premier receivers in the league and will be for years to come.

Okay, trading Simon would be the dumbest thing we could do. But do we have to resort to calling each other crack heads? The purpose of this site is to encourage debate as to what will make our Lions the Grey Cup champs. I applaud anyone who voices an opinion whether it be popular or not. Too many times I have come on this forum and nobody has written for hours, myself included. My point is, lets stick together, have healthy debate, and hope the Lions will do what we all want, and bring the Grey Cup back to B.C!

We'll take Geroy if you don't want him anymore. While we're at it though, we need to start talks on Clermont, we think he would look good in Green and White as well.

Buddy, Geroy is serious weapon. When that friggin ball is heading out to him, people in Saskatchewan (or whoever you may be playing at the time) just simply shut their collective eyes. Why do you think that is?

As long as his wheels are still good, don't even think about it.

If it does, I'm sure Tillman would LOVE to be chatting with BC.

Finally someone who agrees with
me....wait...ahhhhhh sarcasm. :x Look people, Emptyset knows football! Wally sees that Emptyset knows the game. I was the only one to comment about Ian Smarts abilities and look he is not dressing this Saturday. You're all welcome! Ever since I started the Glatt thread I have noticed him being replaced more by Jamal Johnson. Finally!

Now regarding Geroy, I'm not going to list my thoughts and observations about him now as I don't want to bring down his trade value. As a season ticket holder, just say I have noticed a few things.Look at our friend from Saskatchewan,Neica, drooling over Geroy. If all the other teams think this way, look out. We are set!

As I mentioned before this won't be popular. As you get older in life , who wants a rectal exam. You do it for the long run people! In a few years,when they retire Geroy's number next to Jim Youngs #33, tears will still run down my cheeks even though he had worn say the Gold and Blue for a few seasons. Wally you are going to be known one day as one of the greatest CFL coaches, if you make this move you will be on top of that pyramid!

I think the flaw with your thinking is you are using an NHL analogy to the CFL. Two distinctly different ways to build teams. What you suggest is common in the NHL but rare in football.
We can all name Pat Quinn or Burke deals that turned the Canucks into contenders. The Lions have been a contending team for a few years some trades that established this recent team. There really haven't been any.

It's all about scouting, drafting and signing the odd free agent from another club.

Why trade Geroy to another club for some prospects when chances are Shivers can find better young talent without surrendering anything?

Now if you suggest trading Luongo I'll agree 100%!

I think emptyset is a “closet” Rider fan.

Geroy will be fine for another three or four years. Lets discuss it again in 2011.

What's Simon's contract status?

You make some very interesting points here! So if we follow the standard CFL way we are bound to go through a rebuilding stage. If this happens we could see 16-17,000 per game attendance again. By the sound of it we should get more than just a few prospects as the rest of the teams think very highly of him. Yes we have done well over the years and therefore the low draft choices will catch up to us. I still say he is a very good player but if we wait 3 maybe 4 years it will be too late. I personally see a steady natural decline in these years. We have an opportunity now with coach and maybe some GM changes in the near future with some teams in desperate need. The window is open now. Wally, Emptyset foresees something here, don't let that window close. If we survived the Trevor Lindin trade we can survive this.

Sorry no watermelon is big enough for my head! :lol: Cmon Wally you know I'm right! Win the Cup this year and pull the trigger in January...coaches orders!

Entering his option year in 2009.

Sorry Emptyset, the Lions' can't afford to trade their most popular player (notice how many 81 jerseys are in the stands?).

He is one of the team's all-time greats and has played a huge part in this franchise's resurgence in the past 6 years. Simply put he retires a Lion and no player will wear #81 again.