here is a question

when is the last time that the team that led the league in scoring, failed to make the playoffs?

You got me. I went back to 1936 and every team that led "the league" in scoring at the end of the season made it to the playoffs. Can't wait for the answer.

The 2012 Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Perhaps there is no answer.

Maybe the ticats are gonna make history, and the next edition of trivial pursuit.

Since I didnt mention the CFL, maybe the answer lies in another league, in another sport?

answer - who was the FIRSTONLY cfl team to ......

The 1954 Calgary Stampeders led the WIFU in scoring but missed the playoffs. Remember that the WIFU, IRFU and ORFU were separate leagues at the time.

Oh come on FYB. :roll: You know that the CFL is the only league worth talking about, commenting about and writing about! Suffice it to say that no team in the CFL has led the league per se in points scored and not made the playoffs but there was one year that Hamilton out scored all of the other teams in the east but did not make the playoffs.