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Who were the top 10 dirtiest players of all time in the CFL.

I dont mean toughest, I mean cheap shop artist dirty. Cheater dirty, etc

dunno bout players but RW05 will tell you the dirtiest coach...

Yeah, but then he also qualifes for dirtiest poster list :twisted: :wink:

I ahve forgotten who it was, but way back when lancaster was playing injured, a calgary player clearly cheapshotted him to put him out of the game, after the whistle. Sure they got a penalty but, the guy should have been kicked out of the CFL. Hated Calgary for many decades after that, until Flutie went there.

Yup Larry Kuharic was the dirty and he was a total idiot. Thought I was going to mention someone else didn't you.

Really thanks! Why is that because I do not agree with you. Or is it because I think your funny!

a better sense of humour could help. sheesh.

Now, about your nominations for dirtiest players....

Well it has to be an Edmonton players afterall the play on a mud field...

I owe you an apology. I was thinking the same person as mpdid did. :oops: :oops: :oops:

AJ Gass, Jason Jimenez, Dyson (Cant remember his first name) from Winnipeg, Angela Mosca, Ed Philion. Those are just a few that comes to mind.

What about dirty 30?

Rob Murphy is one of many

what about Jiminez??

Agree with that too.

Troy Westwood!!!!!!!!!

Good list sporty, Sanchez, Ferry, Cox…why do I keep coming up with Als ?

now thats a turkey of an answer :stuck_out_tongue:

He did "soil" the field a lot.

as in other players crapped themselves when they saw him coming onto the field?? :wink:

Mike O'Shea