Here is a question.

Who is the worst person to ever have been coach or GM in CFL

My vote goes to Joe Galat.

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why what???

Why was he the worst coach?
No offence but anyone can just throw out a name. I am interested to see the reasons



ACtually, he was the worst GM or coach, in this case, GM.

  1. he was responsible for the temp demise of the als
  2. when I heard he was going to the lions, I told my wife that he would destroy the lions on and off the field
  3. I was right
    4) He was the idiot that fired Mathews in BC
  4. He was the idiot that traded away half the team to edmonton to get Dunigan.
  5. He lost us Stumon and caused others like byrd and martin to retire early.
  6. by the time he was done, the lions s.u.c.k.e.d on the field and attendance went way down.

Thats just for starters, my memory is starting to fade about the rest.

Ok know I know why.
cept I dont agree about the demise of the Als.
That I blame 100% on Nelson Scalbania

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other teams have had bad owners and yet didnt go down like the als did. It wasnt the same situation as in Ottawa. Now, I dont remember all the details, I only remember how much I, and most others I talked to at the time, were convinced that Galat was the bad guy at the time, and that I had good reason to fear his going to the lions, which proved to be well founded, sigh. However, even if we take the als out of the picture, his actions and their results with the lions is more than enough to earn him the title of worst.

Oddly, Joe Galat was hired by BC after recommendation by a recruiting agency despite doubts expressed by fans. Perhaps, CFL fans are smarter than outside professionals?

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sometimes. :thup:

I have to wonder, did this recruiting agency know anything at all about football?

Other teams did not have to borrow footballs so they could practise because the owner refued to provide any equipement!!

I seem to remember Paopao having to use his own money somewhere for something???

That could be. I really dont know, but is that not the fault of the owner as opposed to the coach?

My nominees would be Larry Kuharic, or that old geezer John Huard (Thanks Madjack)that took the Argos 0-9 a few years ago before he got fired. His name escapes me now.

Larry Kuharic with out a doubt from fighting with fans in the stands to standing out on the field fingering the home town crowd this mental case was be far the worst coach in the CFL. While fighting in the stands with home town fans his players were throwing punches at him. :lol:

darn, I missed that. What team, what stadium, what players, what yr??

Do you mean home town as in he was the home team at the time?

He was coaching the Stamps at the time it was his last game he coached fired the next day. He jumped up into the stands and was slugging it out with the fans and there were a few player he benched sitting with these fans. They too got into it with him. Then afterward they were plulled a part the fans were removed and he went out into the field with the fans booing him he gave them the finger. He was such a class act! The year before Wally took over the team. :lol:

But was it in Calgary?

Kuharic was in BC for a couple of years before poisoning Calgary.

A total Nutbar!

I believe that Dunigan fingers Kuharic as being a factor in him leaving BC. Sure makes him a contender to me, but I still hates Galat more.