Here is a list of player's to keep an eye on!!

I recieved a message from a Bomber fan who was wondering about some former BB'S, where they are and so on. Here is a list of player's you are wondering about, where they are etc. And no offense but some of these player's you should really know yourself, such as Ryan Dinwiddie who is the backup in Saskatchewan, but i'll help you out!!

Manitoba Bison DL Eddie Steele ---- Was drafted by Hamilton as we traded that pick away for QB Alex Brink ----- Eddie Steele is on Hamilton's Practice Roster.

RB Lavarius Giles ----- On The Active Roster in Saskatchewan
RB Raphael Little ----- Is currently on the Stamps active roster
RB Emmanual Marc ------ Is currently on the Als Active Roster
QB Adam DiMichele ----- Was released by the Bomber's and has yet to sign anywhere to my knowledge
QB Ricky Santos ----- Signed by the Als again, strange because someone stated he was signed because MacPherson got injured, yet MacPherson is not listed ANYWHERE on the Als active, IR or PR ..... hmmm??
DB Stanford Samuels ----- Is still with the Als
C Aaron Fiaconni ------ I believe is still a starter in Edmonton, why you are wondering this is beyond me, we have Khan!!
G Kyle Koch ----- Still with the Eskimo's as well
OL Dominic Picard -------- Still with The Argo's
OL Dan Goodspeed ----- Is now with Saskatchewan
SB Scott McHenry ----- Is on the Riders Practice Roster
WR Derick Armstrong ---- signed by BC an is on the active roster

As for other player's you asked about such as the M&M's ----- i believe they are both either retired or free agents and any other player you asked about are either retired or FA'S, your list is too long and goes back a few years, too many player's to list, chances are most are out of football, retired or free agents.

Barrin Simpson--Riders active roster.

Kevin Glenn - Ticats active roster

Alex Gauthier- Ticats active roster
Marc Beswick- Ticats active roster