Here I come Canada

Sounds like a great trip LB. I'm envious. Will you be in Ottawa for one day (game day) only? If I see a guy wearing a Lions Jersey I'll shout out your name, "hey Lionbacker!". If it's you, yell back, "F@CK You Supersmith!!", O.K.?

P.S. Hull (across the river) is now called Gatineau. Lots of night life over there.

Have a great trip you lucky Bastard!! :mrgreen:

supersmith, I’l be sure to do that.

ya just so you know. if you are gonna be driving in calgary you will probabally get lost they are so stupid there their roads are so weird and confusing. but other than that it should be cool. my advice is to rent a limo. you will look cool and wont get lost. (most likely).

In Winnipeg the Forks isn't bad. A little overrated but they're improving it. The mini-donuts are great :smiley: . We have a new foot bridge and be sure to check out our million dollar toilet on the bridge. Can't beat that. If you're Ukrainian you'll feel pretty much at home. Not in time for the Ex. Eventhough it's not very good. There's a horse race place outside of town in Headingly. I guess you can pretty much live (or find a hotel) near the stadium since there's the mall, theatre, stadium, there. But really there isn't much to see here.

And you should pick up something from every city you visit. Maybe a sticker for you suitcase or a small piece of each team's CFL products. (A mini-football, banner, poster etc.)