Here I come Canada

ENJOY..........yourself.............enjoy CANADA and our cheap dollar................

Now that is what I call a great road trip.BE SAFE.


banff is 1 hr west of Calgary, so no it is not apart of Calgary, but it is close, and very nice, but a little to touristy for me in the summer.
In Regina go to the Pre game pep rally. usually alright, though I haven't been in a couple years

Really looking forward to the game in Regina on the 27th. Been there 2 other times to watch the Lions play and the Lions got beat pretty handily. Hopefully this year will be different.

Check out Casino Regina its pretty nice and it usually has some good entertainment if you not up for gambling…and its VERY close to the stadium… Enjoy your stay Lionbacker… lets hope the games not a blowout etiher way :slight_smile:

So far , you seem to be B.C.'s , on the road, good luck charm. :wink: :lol: :smiley:

I will be golfing pretty much in every city as well. I'll be in these cities for a few days so if there is any advice or info anyone can give to enjoy these cities more, it would be appreciated. I've been to all these cities at one time or another but it's been a while.
For Golfing, there is really only one place you should go in Regina, and that is Deer Valley. Some people around here think it's too expensive, but $65.00 with cart, with club covers and course workers to wash your clubs isn't bad at all.

Number 2 par three was rated 5th best hole in Canada. The course is without a doubt in the top 5 of Saskatchewans best courses.

Enjoy if you make it.

We will be golfing Deer Valley and $65 with cart is cheap compared to Van. I've heard good things about the course. Also golfing Royal Ontario in TO, Crowbush in PEI and Royal Oaks in Moncton. The rest of the cities I'll have to wing it as to which courses to play.

Golfed my best round there last Friday, an 89, and that’s good for me. Tough course, but because of some enviromental stuff, there is a couple holes where you can take a free drop, which would normaly be out of bounds, so some room for error.

Enjoy the course!

For a good deck and beers, the Cathedral Village Free House is always good.

Hellothere, Magnetic Hill in Moncton is this country's biggest scam. I can't believe I actually went there. You have to swing your car into it so you have a bit of an impression it might be working.

Plus, when I was there, there was that Chinese guy going right after me who did not understand he wasn't supposed to push the gas pedal, so he was rushing into me at full speed while I wasn't moving at all.

Lionbacker, when I was in Moncton, there was a bar showcasing Acadian strippers fighting in chocolate syrup. I'd recommend that.

For some East Coast Music, check out the Lower Deck on Halifax's waterfront right next to the casino...SOCIALABLE!!!

3 more days!!!!!!!!!!!

maybe the hill just didn’t like you. Or the chinese guy…It worked for me. :lol:

It was a joke, LB. And it was in reference to what would happen to us if we approached a coupla hooligans like you guys. :wink: Are you golifin’ Royal Ontario in those football threads? There might be a dress code…I’d check before dropping that dough. But it wouldn’t hurt you to lose the BC dinner jacket and for your pal to let go of his Pilsner for an afternoon now, would it? 8)

i knew it was a joke. that's the way i took it. probably not going to golf in football threads. don't want to upset the upper class. will be wearing the colours to Jays game though. Don't want to get my ass kicked for trying to get my pal to let go of his Pilsner.

...who says there's no context on message boards... :wink:

My only advice for you lionbacker is not all women on street corners are hookers

While you are in Halifax, scope out some possible sites for the stadium that I can put my CFL franchise in (I only wish!)

36 hours til take off.

You have a countdown eh?..Halifax…a great city…have fun there…and everywhere :wink:

Thanks ree. Lions all the way.