Here I come Canada

Well it's less than a week before I venture out on my cross Canada trip from Vancouver. I will be making stops in Regina (Lions/Riders), Toronto (Jays/Orioles), Moncton (Rolling Stones), Charlottetown, Halifax, Ottawa (Lions/Gades), Montreal, Winnipeg (Banjo Bowl) and Calgary. I will be golfing pretty much in every city as well. I'll be in these cities for a few days so if there is any advice or info anyone can give to enjoy these cities more, it would be appreciated. I've been to all these cities at one time or another but it's been a while.

Have a fun trip Lionbacker! all the best, take care!

Well I live in Winnipeg and I can try and give some advice for here. Well the stadium is near a theatre (famous players) so maybe you can enjoy a movie after the banjo bowl game on the 10th of September. There is a mall near the Stadium aswell...Polo Park so yeah. Lots of resturants around aswell. Well I hope you enjoy all the cities you are visiting and I especially hope you enjoy Winnipeg. Take care when you head for your trip!

I hope you're not visiting the cities in the order you listed them :wink:

IN........... to Magnetic Hill........and sit in your car while you and it go UP the HILL, also check out , THE TRAGICALLY HIP , before the STONES.........Check out the MUSIUM in HULL..................[just across the river from OTTAWA.] has IMAX theatre .........and is very inter active.

Uh, thats Hull not Hall nice Casino there as well

Have a good trip, and don't get too bored at the Jays game.

In CALGARY........try to stay a day and night in..... BANFF.........but call early.

Also depeding on how long you are staying in TORONTO........take a bus to NIAGARA FALLS,........our side is much better :shock: .GO ON THE BOAT. :smiley:

ahh, don’t listen to him. Niagara Falls is a circus act…Toronto is the fourth largest city in North America…where would YOU rather spend your time??

Some people actually like The Falls and CASINOs…and since when do you love TORONTO… :lol:

What are your ideas? :lol:

Ya but Niagra Falls has Marineland. And I mean how can u beat that. Id rather go to Marineland then a Jays game :wink:. Seriously though I always have fun in Toronto not a whole lot In Niagra falls except obviousy the falls and the amusement park. BUt have fun Lionbacker all the luck to ya on your travel. TORONTO the place to be

I hate you, what an awesome trip that sounds like it would be, good for you LB, and when you come into winnipeg on the Trans Canada after you pass the perimeter highway you will see a hotel on your right called, ironically The Red Lion, be sure to check out club called Boomers to wet your whistle.

If you are used to football , baseball…even…live is… REALLY BORING.

Some people may never have seen , NIAGARA…from the Canadian side.

Banff is part of Calgary? I know that they treid for the Winter Olympics long ago but had to share them with Calgary in 1988 and Montreal in 1976.

thanks for the ideas so far. I'm totally excited about this trip. As for the Jays game, my buddy really wants to go but I can't stand baseball. I'm not driving. I booked 7 one way fliights for $900 taxes included in Mar with Westjet, just before Jetsgo went under. Now the same flights cost $1600 before taxes so I got lucky.

I'll be representing the Lions so if you see a guy in a Lions' jersey and a guy in a Riders jersey around your town, come say hi.

come say hi? Or get sh*t-canned?

gotta love your insight Moses.

Will do.

When in Calgary:
Do not:
-visit Forest Lawn unless you have friends there, and if partying in the east end of the city, beware of gangs of folks (immigrants) wielding machetes. Doesn't happen often, but when it does, not nice.
-ask me where the electronics department is. Turn around and look up (see my profile).
-ask me where the batteries are. Turn around.
-If you go to a stamps game, check the cheapseats on the northeast part of McMahon for the "Stamps Suck" guy. He rules. His presence has an undeniable affect on your enjoyment of the game.