Here I am redwhite2005.

Here I am '05. I'm not running, i'm here to take it. I was talkin a lot of sh!t all week about the riders ans stamps and i'll admit, i don't know what the hell happend to my rider D. They couldn't cover the stamps WR's. I hope to god BC loses tonight, though.

The refs are still garbage.

Riders D don't look much better than the Refs do though.

Don't worry... you have another chance to redeem yourself.

I noticed that Thryllin. Jake Ireland was making some pretty dumb calls. And i'm not sure about this, but from where i was sitting i thought the Holmes fumble wasn't a fumble.

Oh yeah. Holmes fumbled. Those were solid calls.

Enjoy second place Gcup.

Tied with the BIG BLUE for first BUT we beat you guys at BC Place.....I'd say BC is in second...

Winnipeg is in the West?


I was implying first in the West, which is really all that matters to the Lions right now. Could really care less if Winnipeg is first overall in the league, makes no difference to me. We have the same record, you beat us by two points at BC Place, and you have enjoyed a fairly injury-free season. You better hope that lasts.

First in the West, we're back again baby! Trying to host four straight Western Finals.

Good luck.

Tight race and far more exciting than the east.
Calgary may be your biggest worry.


Enjoy first place for a week RLR, your team has deserved it with their win.

And quit bring the injury excuse into this, nobody has played that card but you and Danny Maccocia.

Says the only team to lose to hamilton LOL. And a blowout at that!

It's surprising seeing Rider fans talking about the Lions enjoying 'first place for a week'. We've pretty much owned first place for the last four seasons. You guys were just recently in first place for the first time since 1976. Hope you enjoyed it while it lasted because you aren't getting it back anytime soon, regardless of if we play JJ, Gino or Ben Sankey. To me it's still unbelievable that the Lions are first in the West right now given all that's gone on. Congrats to Wally and the crew for keeping their heads in it all season long.

Gcup89 good on you where is JMman? Thats okay I found watching many of the green riderfans sulking at the stadium refreshing. Your team looked bad today and I saw no improvement from the week before. The slide is happening.

Why do you keep bringing up the past? Who cares, now is now, not 30 years ago. And I have a feeling the Riders are going to snap out of this. They lost 2 in a row a while back and then won 5 straight. I can see us back in 1st place after next week, and BC tied with Calgary for 2nd. Cause calgary aint going to lose to hamilton. I don't think.


I was expecting the Riders to bounce back with a statement game, good teams will do that, but instead they served up more of the same. The concerns with the defence prior to the start of the year have become reality, and that play ground style of offense, Joseph runs around until someone gets open, only looks great when it works.

05, Hank is on his hot streak, and we all know streaks don't last. I would be more concerned with that porrous defence and the turnovers, which is only overcome when your teams offence is at full throttle. Much work to do in Cowtown yet.

Yes piggy that pourous defense that made a very good team (the riders)pull their first string qb because they could not get it done. Our defense is fine thanks. And as far as Burris on streaks could be but you want to streak at labor day to the end of the season. It seems your bombers are going to I hate to say but will lose their QB due to injuries. Yes you guys will be crying the injury card by next weekend and RLR will be over joyed. Speaking of RLR have you ever heard of starting your own thread instead of hyjacking threads. This was started by rider fans that wanted to porve they would be here after their teams loss not about them being in first place for a couple of weeks. All I can say both teams have been served notice that you do not buy your GC tickets until the playoffs are over. And Piggy that means your team as well.

Where's the laughing icon, I guess this will have to do, :lol:

There's a thing called being a poor winner, and right now you're being one RW05.