here comes the smack

the labour day game is almost upon us here are some game predictions

hank gets his smile knocked right off his face by montford and jeanty

reynolds gets wrapped up for so many losses that he will be averaging 2 yards a carry

Calgary's secondary gets riped apart by ray tucker mitchel

Edmonton's running game is still non existent but the pass is enough to win

brock calls brett to congradulate him on his 1st labour day loss

and for the bombers sake - I hope you're right because I want the esks to destroy the stamps on MONDAY. I thought it was on Saturday night yesterday when I posted that message but I was wrong.

i have a feeling the bombers will be comming home with the golden banjo this year their is nothing more that i would like to see then the riders feeding from the bottom

You have to get off those meds!

bombers. win. funny.

.......that's smack?........geez, I was expecting something a little meatier.......something with some sting to it.....not Sugar Smacks, the new breakfast cereal from thechamp..........

I'm kind of glad their will be no colour commentary for Mondays game so i will be able to get a full feel for the stumps fans disappointment on Monday

20-1 give me a break

thechamp, you called it man, go eskimos, the game is getting kinda pitifull for you stampers

i guess that the stups are 1 point up since the last time they met RR

lol. i wonder why they arent backing there team up eh ? lol the way the played i wouldnt either

i just had to laugh :stuck_out_tongue: at the offence or lack of it :roll: edmonton will win this

..........hahaha all you dopes, yeah we lost, but your EEs looked awful in the second, RR will be spending plenty opf time int hte hot tub tonight trying to take away the aches and pains from eating turf for the final 30 minutes.....almost had it.......I wouldn't be bragging if I were greenandgold.......

i would not be laughing if i was red and white but since im green and gold i will laugh about a tight win in a hostile environment

(i was right i got a full feel for the stumps disappointment today it was great seeing all the fans getting pumped up just to get let down at the last min)

looking forward to beating you stumps on friday hope you can keep the smack going.

4 and 6 4 and 6 4 and 6 hahah you suck

...........that's all you got?..........that's particularily pitiful seeing that you had all day to come up with something........

not all day just since your last post

.......try to keep up then...........