Here Comes the Schedule, here Comes the Schedule at 12pm EST

(to the tune of Here comes Santa Clause)

I can't wait!!

I hope they've mixed it up a little more this time! :cowboy:

And according to one of the CFL Twitter feeds, Touchdown Atlantic II has been confirmed to be Stamps vs. Ti-Cats on September 25th in Moncton.

yup.. it is.

haha, the site went down.. so many people looking at the Schedule all at once!

I love it.

And here it is!!!

No back-to-backs for Edmonton, and only one Thursday game. That should make people happy. Lotta Fridays and Saturdays.

I find the new LDC series a bit... I don't know. On the one hand, Hamilton and Montreal could be interesting, but on the other, I'll miss Hamilton and Toronto.

I don't like the crammed schedule with double-headers on Friday or Saturday every week, sometimes both days. 6 hours of non-stop CFL action is often just too much for even die-hard fans. Each game would be more of an event if it had it's own timeslot, allowing fans to get into the pre and post game shows...instead of back to back games. Double-headers also make it impossible for fans to watch the second game when you have a home game the same day, reducing TV ratings.

TSN is instead featuring MLS games on many Saturday night primetimes, taking over the coveted summer HNIC slot from the CFL. The CFL has many Saturday afternoon games scheduled (perhaps as a lead-in to boost the MLS audience.) Saturday afternoon games generally have lower attendance, as many young men work or have other commitments on Saturday during the day.

I also don't like the inconsistency of start times. In BC, half the home games start at 7:00, half at 7:30. I realize this is done to accommodate the double-headers on TSN, but the fact is that TSN pays CFL teams practically nothing for the TV rights (about $1.5 million including the Grey Cup). Why should the league bend-over-backwards to cater to TV for such little return? If TSN paid even 1/10th what NFL teams get from TV (for a similar market share), about $15 million per team, then I could see designing the schedule around TV.

There is also the inconsistency of scheduling Sunday games, seeming to say, "here NFL, take Sunday it's all yours", giving CFL fans no option but to watch NFL on their day off.

It is the fans who buy tickets who are the lifeblood of the CFL, not TV. The league should cater more to the home fans, with consistent start times and scheduling games when they're most convenient to the home fans.

Whine a little more why don't you... What's wrong with having doube-headers? I don't hear NFL fans complaining about the 10 hours of football on Sundays being too much. I enjoy the double-headers, and if we didn't have them, we'd have more Thursday games, which people don't like. Honestlly, your post comes across as whining just to wine.

Addendum: Another thing I dislike about double-headers is TSN's official policy:

"Always show the Eastern game in it's entirety right down to the final tick on the clock, regardless of the score or importance of the game, then break into the Western game already in progress."

The fact is CFL games almost always go over 3 hours...overtime games often stretch to 3:20 or longer. But despite Western games drawing higher ratings, with double-headers they often don't show first 5 or 10 minutes of the game. This can be very frustrating to fans (especially in Sask.) If games were scheduled on different days...or one game in the afternoon, one in the evening...this would allow the televising of the entire Western game and allow fans to listen to pre-game and post-game shows without missing the other game.

TSN could also be more cognizant of the "excitement level" of double-header Eastern game and cut away if it's a blowout or mean-noting game and show the Western game in it's entirety.

i agree..

6 hours is too much? seriously?

I LOVE the back to back games on a Friday! they're awesome..

and lord, quit whining about such a small change in times. like it's as if you can't find anything to complain about in the CFL so may as well pick apart this... :roll:

Because this doesn't happen with any other league, noooooooo... :roll:

Still dont like it. We play Montreal 2 times in the first 4 weeks.

I personaly prefer it.

get those two wins over with... :wink:

I enjoy the double-headers, and if we didn't have them, we'd have more Thursday games, which people don't like.
Not necessarily on Thursday, the CFL could schedule a consistent Sunday game instead of a double-header on Friday or Saturday.

Here is a example:

CFL Thursday Football (in the summer)
Friday Night Football
Football Night in Canada (Sat. night)
CFL Sunday (5:00 pm EST)

After Labour Day, the Thursday games could be moved to Friday Night Double-Header, Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon. Or eliminate Thursday completely if fans "don't want them", but the NFL seems to do OK on Thursday and Sundays?

Because this doesn't happen with any other league, noooooooo... :roll:
This other league you mention must be the NFL. They have 32 teams with almost all the games on Sunday, so naturally they will have some overlaps. The CFL has 8 teams and the games are often spread out over 4 days, we don't have to copy the NFL and accept overlaps. There is little reason with only 4 games a week that CFL games should be pre-empted by another CFL game. But this will happen almost every week with double-headers.


Well then they have one brutal 1st week of September. They play in Calgary Monday, have Calgary back in Edmonton on Friday and then to have to play another game in between is just brutal. :wink:

it does wonder if the bookings are a first come first serve deal.. or if certain people or sports gets priority.. or if there's something sly going on..

I can't believe the vitriol that some people have posted on Facebook, blaming the CFL and the Argos as if it's either one's fault that the RC dates were booked for that weekend. It just seems incredibly ignorant. One guy even took to SHOUTING like a snotty schoolboy then proceeded to tell the schedule makers how to do their job, all the while not even once considering what was already stated about the availability of dates at the RC. People need to calm down, read, and think before bloviating about something they apparently know little about.

I'm disappointed that the Argos and 'Cats don't meet on Labour Day too, but I'm not about to start blaming the schedule makers or the teams involved. They do the best they can. The fact remains that if the Argos had somewhere else to play other than the RC, this could have been avoided. It seems apparent that the team is neither respected nor wanted in that facility.

It's not just Facebook -- also on these forums (especially the Ticat forum) and the Scratching Post blog. People yelling at Cohon as if there's something he could have done. The only thing he could have done would be make the Argos play six of their first nine games on the road, thereby opening the league up to charges of being a bush league, lack of competitive balance, etc.

The Argos' lack of priority in their home stadium is a fact of life and there's nothing anyone connected with the CFL can do about it.

...I try to make a point of learning something new every day that I wake up....check today off as a win...