Here comes kevin.

With burris now in ottawa kevin just might be returning home to winnipeg.

I would not count on it Otatwa very well could go with both.

Herb Zurkowsky ?@HerbZurkowsky1 1m

RedBlacks will go to camp with both Burris and Glenn, I'm told - unless a team makes an incredible offer for Glenn. Hello Winnipeg? Not #Als

Can't imagine KG is thrilled at this prospect. His career trajectory since being let go from the Bombers by Mike Kelly hasn't been the easiest. Had to bide his time in Hamilton behind Porter before winning the starting job, then getting dumped in favour of Burris, goes to Calgary where he starts most of the games like he's the starter but is technically considered the backup to Tate. Finally gets a shot at being the unquestioned #1 guy again in Ottawa and it lasts all of 2 months before he's pushed back into that backup role. The Rodney Dangerfield of CFL QBs.

…BULL$HIT…Incredible offer…What’s he think he’s going to get ,when the fans see a guy we dumped getting the royal fixins…Let them go with Henry and Glenn…They’ll get tired of getting in each others way and getting sacked…We 're tired of getting the royal shaft and nothing more than a standard contract should be offered to Glenn (if he hasn’t already got his ticket to go back to Cal)…We’ll rise from the ashes …Till then, there’s going to be no fire sale here… And I’ll be bloody disappointed if there is… :thdn: If we have to start from scratch …AGAIN…so be it… :twisted:

Well look at the positive, Winnipeg will be the only suitor for Willy.

Never mind…

Seriously, they make Burris the defacto starter. He threw 19 picks last year. Glenn meanwhile threw only 7 picks and had a better QB rating.

I'd be pissed if Walters gave up any player or pick to Ottawa right now for KG though. Not that I'm opposed to seeing KG back, but Ottawa now has hamstrung themselves a bit by having two QBs with starter salaries. They will either need to cut KG or they have taken themselves out of the FA frenzy a bit. And I would expect a HUGE dropoff in production for Burris. Their best receiver on their roster right now is Wallace Miles. It doesn't sound like they have had any success in signing Kohlert and I expect he'll either sign here or with the Riders come the start of FA.

If Calgary could handle Glen and Tate's salary why can't Ottawa handle two salaries, especially that they aren't loaded with veterans ? I'll tell you I'm jealous. This is an expansion team and they are doing a masterful job of building their roster.

They can, you're right. Just not sure why they'd want to. I'm not sure they would co-exist that well. But that's Ottawa's problem I guess. The move obviously might've been made with the thought that now they could flip KG for some other assets to help round out their roster. I just don't want the Bombers to be giving up what few assets we have to help them out of desperation for a name QB.

Its tricky, you have to calculate the fallout. If the Bombers don't have a reliable player at the QB position how do you convince guys like Muamba to stay or other FA to come onboard, especially in a year like this where you have an expansion team shopping in FA and a shallow draft ?

I don't think your going to see Ottawa out of the free agent frenzy if anything maybe they push harder after some fa in part because of getting Burris.

Part of Burris salary is going to pay for itself with guys on offense now looking at Ottawa as a prime destination. Kohlert would be nuts to turn down an offer in Ottawa. Forzani and Chris Matthews will now look at Ottawa as top choices.

....Kohlerts girlfriend in the Peg will have something to say bout that :wink: Pretty serious they are and unlike some other players wants to be here....I look for Kohlert to return and with a nice pay day as apparently now we have as much money or more than Ottawa...Matthews can take a hike...Don't like Forzani... I like Moore in B.C. though :wink: We'll be very active in fa and I could see some prime signings to take the heat off management right about now...We shall see what we shall see :wink:

If a 22 year old kid makes career decisions based on where his GF lives...

Anyway the original plan was Collaros or Willy and it now appears that the Bombers will have very little competition for his services and definitely nobody to come close to the Bombers wallet. So what's changed ? Burris was never in the discussion and most here didn't want him as a bandaid solution. I think Willy is the better QB, Collaros is a better playmaker but Willy stands tall in the pocket as a much more powerful arm. When I saw him the first time he reminded me of Calvillo. So it is too early to throw in the towel.

Kirk Penton ?@PentonKirk 13m

Just landed in Ottawa to hear from source #RedBlacks paying Burris way over 400K and #Bombers weren't in ball park.

Over $400K for Burris is way too much. Stupid decision, especially since there was not a lot of competition driving up the price on him. We're better off overpaying a bit for Willy and taking the extra money and throwing it Henoc's way.

Ottawa can have Matthews, he of the dozen NFL tryouts and no offer. Guy was a one year wonder for us 2 seasons ago. Missed most of last year with an injury and bad attitude. He'll go the way of the other import receiver one year wonders we've had here (see Greg Carr, Terrence Jeffers-Harris).

Forzani going to Ottawa? Not sure why a guy playing for his hometown team who's name has a legacy in Calgary would want to jump ship unless he doesn't get much of an offer from the Stamps.

Seriously though, look at the receiving groups Burris has had to work with the last 2 years in Hamilton and before that in Calgary. He doesn't have any quality like that, at present, in Ottawa. No Nick Lewis, no Andy Fantuz or Chris Williams.

This part of Burris' salary paying for itself by helping draw players to Ottawa is partly true. Guys won't take a huge discount just to play with Burris, Ottawa will still need to pony up the dough. With Burris at over $400 and Glenn for sure at least $350, they have committed a heck of a lot more to 2 QBs than any other team in the CFL. Their only saving grace right now is the balance of the roster is cheap.

That's was always the worry with Ottawa, having no baggage in a CAP league is a really nice advantage for the first two years. I still have a hard time believing that number for Burris and if it is the case. They likely won't hang on to KG.

....yeah ...much like the guy that left the Als. and your area for his girlfriend and went west...don't give me that :lol:

...Don't try to sell the Bomber faithful on a bunch of nonsense either...We will be starting with Hall.Goltz and some other shmuck the way things are going... Willy ..maybe?? It isn't going to go over...a green qb. and virtually nothing...It won't sell... :thdn:

Why wouldn't Kohlert make that decision based on his girlfriend? Seems to me we lost an Olineman by the name of Labatte who wanted to live close to his and his wife's home. I'm sure a number of FAs had or were informed of potential offers prior to the expansion draft. Kohlert may be one of those guys and is happy with Winnipeg's offer that he's just waiting it out until the start of FA to finally sign the deal. Or maybe being from Regina he's heard from the grapevine about what the Riders would be willing to pay for a receiver, especially a NI and needing another receiver with solid hands after Dressler's departure.

I've liked Willy and Collaros equally over Burris. If we land Willy I'll be happy, I think that will be better for the franchise in the long run. It may cost us a win or two initially but I think he could be a gooder one. And he'll come at a lower price than what Henry apparently got which could help the bombers boost offers to other potential FAs.

...I agree wolverine with your take on Kohlert heading to Regina..He may be in a better position to start here however and that could make a dif. The riders are definitely looking at receivers and it'll be a toss up where he lands...The redblacks have all of their money tied up in qbs. as of now, so I don't think he'll get much of a raise :lol: ...AND wasn't it Desjardins who offered Casey Printers a half million annually to play in Ham...Yeah that really worked out and set them back years :lol:

Have to give the Bomber brass lots of credit for passing on Burris; we should all be very relieved. They're showing everyone they're serious about building a solid football team and not caving in to the masses that just want a couple of extra wins the next season or two and that really says something. First time since Murphy and Riley were around that I actually think the organization knows what it's doing....... :smiley:

They offered Hank 375k a year :roll: they didn’t pass on Burris.