Here comes Bo in Calgary

The Stamps gave played it safe with BLM. Thats wen the were still riding atop the Western Standings.
Now idk reallt how bad BLM was hurt after staying on the full 6 game to save some cap space.
They rolled the dice vs Montreal who hasent beat Calgary at home forever it seems.
Although it was a crazy game Calgary lost.
Then the bye Week comes in.
& after the bye week. At the midpoint of the season. The Stamps find themselves in 4th place in the West with a 5-4 record.
With the rivary. Back to back Labor Day with Edm. & the Riders at 6-3 vs a battered 8-2 bombers.
2 loses for the Stamps wuld bury themselves deep into 4th place.
Suddenly BLM is good to go. So watever money they thought they wuld save on the cap eying up some top Cfl players that will return from NFL. Is out the door.
They need to win NOW!
Nada vs the Stamps but it is wat it is.
Arbuckle held down the fort as long as he could. But BLM is THE ticket to a home GC.
They cant wait any longer.
& surely want to finish at least in 2nd place in the west to get a home playoff game.
& they Certainly DO NOT.
want to end up in a crossover. Where the would have to beat Montreal & Hamilton in back to back away games. In watever order that is a TALL TASK

Are you suggesting they did not save money when he was on the 6-game?

I’m not at all sure that Bo Levi Mitchell is an improvement over Nick Arbuckle though.


That’s a hot take right there. Bo had two rough games to start the year, but he’s still the reigning MVP and has been a consensus top 2 QB in the league for a few years now. Don’t know how you can say he’s not an improvement.

Because Nick Arbuckle has been very good. His QB rating stands at 106.9.


I agree, I don’t think Bo in the next couple games will any better than NA, who’s played pretty dam good! I know you have to give the ball back to BO and unless the D steps it up the Stamps could be looking at going 0-2 against the Eskies.

Now that Bo Levi is off the 6 game IL

Bo Levi Mitchell - $18,611 / game

Nick Arbuckle - $3000 / game(Bo makes $310 a minute in the game :o)

Pretty sure that $300/game should be $3,000/game for Arbuckle.

Thanks for correcting, I have corrected it.

Regardless, if Bo can play, I think he will

Extrapolating even $3000 per game over an eighteen game season yields only $54,000. Isn’t that below the league minimum salary?


Nick Arbuckle’s compensation is a fraction of Mitchell’s. The backup’s base salary comes in at the minimum $54,000 with a modest $1,000 in travel allowances and $300 for each game he dresses as the No. 1 or No. 2 QB or takes 20 snaps. Whether Arbuckle starts or not the Stampeders pay him the same amount of money.

Arbuckle has been good, but not at the MOP level you’d expect a healthy Bo Levi to play at.

True. BLM has only had one season where he played more than 10 games with a rating over 100. That was 2016 with a 107.9 rating. Nor has he ever had as high a completion percentage as Arbuckle has now.

True but stats can be misleading.
I believe BLM also has the most 30+ yard completions.

Unlike most QB who look first at short, then medium then long routes on the pass play call BLM first looks to to the long route to be possible. He stated that last year. I was surprised he let that come out. He very often looks to “throw the receiver open.”

Lol…interesting evaluation.YOu make it sound like its do or die…

You’re right BLM is the gunslinger. Although Arbuckle hasn’t been too bad in that respect. This year 7 completions over 30 yards with 4 touchdowns for just under a 40% completion rate at that distance. He’s not yet a BLM but he’s pretty good and so far not a big drop-off, if any, in my mind.

IMO it was a smart quote even if not true … makes DBs more cautious about pinching or looking to jump routes

GC in Calgary.
Stamps are sitting in 4th place at the midway point.
Back to back with Esks coming up.
Its time to get BLM on the field.

I suppose the remainder of this season will help answer the question: Have the Stamps won so much in recent years because BLM is their QB, or does BLM win so much because he plays for the Stamps?

I calculate a 4-3 record this year with Arbuckle as their starter. BLM already had a loss in week 1 against OTT, but I wouldn’t award him a win for the game against BC where he left the game down by 11 and it was Arbuckle who brought them back in the final 3 minutes.

If he starts the final 9 games, it’s fair to say that BLM has to win 6 of them - and therefore finish 6-4 on the year - to surpass NA’s record. Anything less and he is no better than 5-5.

It seems fair to say that the back half of the schedule is tougher for CAL than the first half, as 7 of the 9 remaining games are against teams that currently have winning records.

In the first half, they played 5 games against teams that are currently >0.500, but only beat SSK and EDM (losing to HAM, WPG and MTL). They went 3-1 against losing teams, but they only get 4 more games against those opponents.

Glad to see BLM is playing, now the Stamps fans won’t be able to say “They wouldn’t have won , if Bo Levi Mithcell was playing” after the Esks take 2 from them