Here Come the Flying Wildcats!!

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats released their new 3rd Jerseys today celebrating the history of the Hamilton Flying Wildcats, they look pretty cool and totally different from the traditional Black and Yellow Tiger-Cat Jersey's we are so use to seeing.

[url=] ... s-saturday[/url]

What do CFL Fans think?

Also, as pointed out in the Ti-Cat forums, these jersey's bear a remarkable resemblance also to the Stampeders 1948 jersey as seen bellow. Known infamously for when the Stamps rode a horse into the Royal York Hotel, the Stamps perfect season and the "sleeper play"

Here's a picture of them with the cup.

[url=] ... GCteam.jpg[/url]

and here are the Flying Wildcats

[url=] ... -1943w.jpg[/url]

thats cool nice to see a classic jersey honored in a game

The REDBLACKS are jealous. :wink:

I bet there were a lot less head injuries with the old leather helmets. Players wouldn’t use their helmets as a weapon or protection like they do today, they were probably careful where they stuck their heads.

Like the retro uni's especially the helmets which are really cool :rockin: :smiley: :smiley: :thup: :thup:

This is the thread in the Ti-Cat forum you'll want to read. References to this jersey being the Flying Wildcat's, the Stamps and the Ottawa Rough Riders. Kudo to Capt. Kirk and everyone who contributed to the history in this thread.


Oh those are big girl tops!
Oh those are big girl pants!

Thought I would post this, the Ti-Cats played this during halftime. It's a bit of the history of the Flying Wildcats.