Here come the cuts ..

But if Obie really wants to keep him, there's ways around that....practice roster and injured reserve sleight of hand.

Pat Woodcock is a lock as
one of the Canadian receivers.

Lavigne-Masse will go on the practice roster
and return to school in late summer
if university eligibility rules allow that.

That would be around the time
Sam Guigere might be available.

doesn't roster number crunch mean in essense he is not good enough to be on the roster?

How can you say "if he gets cut it won't be because he is not good enough" why else would it be?

No matter how you slice it, if you don't make the team you are not good enough to make the team, there's no way around that.

If he is health and not placed on the practice roster...well then....he is not good enough to make the team.

I am not saying btw that he won't make the team. I'm just saying that if he doesn't it wont be for "other" reasons it will be because the ti-cat staff felt he was not good enough to make the team.

Everybody cant be on the active roster at the same time then there is the import/ni ratio and salary cap.

The player also has to fit into the coach's system. Sometimes a good player is just a square peg or a victim of poor timing that doesnt mean he's a "bad" player.

Pretty basic stuff glovesave.

Last weeks game showed we're still very weak at receiver and they all need to step up big time. So to say that a receiver who won't make this team is still a very good receiver is laughable, because at this point they have yet to prove that they are not the worst unit in the league.

Judging this years rec. corps. by the last ex. game is laughable.
Bauman and Lavigne didnt even play and the ones that did play had to contend with a vanilla package, 4 diff. QBs and shared playing time.
Give it till Aug. before pressing the panic button.

Thanks for the explanation Zontar. You just backed up up my point...not yours unfortunately.

You said if he got cut it would be a numbers crunch and not because he was not good enough.

not fitting into a system is basically the same as saying not good enough for the system...hence not good enough...hence no kind of numbers conspiracy...just plain not good enough.

pretty basic stuff I agree.

I think we will all agree that when Pat Woodcock is healthy he is a legit roster player in the CFL for any team.
If he does get cut, I think it would be because of his age.
If it comes down to Masse or Woodcock as similar talents the Cats may decide to release Woodcock. Not because he is not good enough, but because one guy is on the upside of his career, and the other guy is on the downside of his career.
I for one would rather cut loose French over Woodcock......maybe because I like to scream "nice catch WOODCOCK"