Here come the cuts ..


Wednesday, June 18, 2008 - 02:41PM

Hamilton, Ontario – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have released the following players:

IMP OL Jonathan Alston
IMP WR Jonathan Carter
IMP DL Alex Guerrero
IMP DB Christopher Johnson
IMP WR Kelvin Kight
IMP DL Matt King

Sorry to see these guy go..
Shocked Carter was cut.

Sheesh, me too. That's a bit of a shock.

Didn't they say they were cutting 18 by Friday?? 12 more to go...

I hate cuts.

I thought King, Carter and Kight looked good at camp.

Well we Kings Brother won't be posting anymore.
Too bad I like the kid..

I Smell a Trade coming soon.. :lol:

I wonder if the fact that Carter was a bit too banged up had anything to do with it...

Coaches get close to some of these players,this has to be a very hard thing to do. :frowning:

Can you elaborate? Who and Why do you see a trade coming, what makes you say that?

Just a Gut Feeling .. I could be Wrong..
I had Same Feeling last year when French Came..
I also had this When Printers was Cut in KC

As Who Maybe DT From Out West

according to Kenny Peters "Hamilton expects to keep nine or 10 import receivers, including the practice roster. Add four more Canucks."

Here who is Left Canadians In Bold.
.15 French, Jason WR N 6.01 200 1978-04-07 Murray State
5 Woodcock, Pat WR N 5.09 180 1977-04-27 Syracuse

2 Miles, Tony WR I 5.09 171 1978-05-16 Northwest Missouri State
87 Bauman, Chris WR N 6.04 212 1984-09-05 Regina
77 Walker, Jo Jo WR I 5.09 169 1983-01-06 Maryland
89 Mitchell, Scott WR I 6.03 222 1984-08-04 Kentucky
82 Woods, Rashaun WR I 6.02 202 1980-10-17 Oklahoma State
86 Lavigne-Masse, Laurent WR N 6.03 207 1982-11-15 Laval
85 Rodriguez, Prechae WR I 6.05 208 1985-01-21 Auburn
80 Ponder, Willie WR I 6.00 204 1980-02-14 Southeast Missouri State
84 Jackson, Earnest WR I 6.03 220 1986-02-18 Cincinnati
83 Cohen, Eddie WR I 5.11 200 1985-03-13 Western Carolina

So Unless The Ticats are Keeping a Few WR they cut on the practice roster
Will only see two or Three more Cuts at WR.

See??.....This is exactly the reason why I keep turning down offers to go to training camp to saves the Coach the grief of kicking my sorry, pathetic ass out......and it saves TJ the hassle of wasting paper-work on me :cowboy:

(and that's just for "waterboy")....hahaha

You're Welcome! :wink:

i thought carter would make the team. he played well in the exhibition game

We'll also have to make room for Giguere when he comes back.

Giguere won't be here for months, at least.

That would be nice. LOL He's got physical intangibles that I am sure the Colts will be intrigued with, so he may stick a while in their training camp. If and when he becomes available, somebody WILL be moved, I believe. The kid has too much upside.

Oski Wee Wee,

I move Woodcock
Keep French Bauman and Maase

Woodcock will make the roster I imagine. He is a vet and this team needs all the experience it can get at WR/SB. He has shown in camp and in the 1st exhibition game that he is back to his old form of speed and hauling in virtually everything thrown his way.

Give him a chance to prove he can produce again. I think he just needed a fresh start. Obie believes in him enough to sign him in the first place so I think that says something about Mr. Woodcock.

I am really hoping he can find his old form. He certainly still has speed.

The best part about him being here is he won't be expected to be "the guy" like he was when Ottawa signed him away from Montreal.

he's not (or wasn't anyway) good enough to be the feature receiver in an offense, but he could always be a great secondary threat and as such racked up some decent numbers in Montreal.

From what I've seen and heard if Woodcock gets cut it wont be because he's not good enough - he'll be a victim of roster number crunch.

I'm shocked they kept Jojo over Carter.

And I hope they're not just keeping Rodriguez around because of his height.

Carter dropped a few easy balls in the first exhibition game, plus they like Tre Smith better than Carter for the return specialist position.

I expect that if Jackson, Ponder, Cohen and Rodriguez all have good games tonight, Jo Jo will be gone. Rodriguez has good speed as well as great height, and could be a great long bomb target.

I think you're right. I think the Cats like Baumna, Lavigne-Masse and French, and they also know that Giguere is probably on his way to Hamilton shortly. So really, no matter what Woodcock does, I think he's gone.