here are the Current Vegas Grey Cup Odds.

The odds from Vegas . . .

MON Alouettes 1.71

SAS Roughriders 4.00

CAL Stampeders 4.50

BC Lions 21.00

HAM Tiger-Cats 23.00

EDM Eskimos 29.00

Interesting that Edmonton is lower than BC, especially after just spanking them in their own barn.

... and interesting that BC is higher than Hamilton

Interesting that B.C. AND Hamilton are ahead of Edmonton. No respect, I tell ya. No respect!

BC ahead of Hamilton? Whatever. :roll:

What is not being said here is that these are the odds from Nov. 2 as quoted in the Regina Leader Post, with the odds for Winnipeg being conveniently omitted and are the odds given on that date from a British Sports book not Vegas at all. Vegas odds haven't been posted yet. Nice try though.

whatever.. the paper wouldn't lie.

...unless it's the Winnipeg Free Press, according to BB fans they lie all the time....

But you apparently did. The Eskimo-dude is right.

If that is correct I would put a grand on my Eskimo's to win the big game.