Here are some stats for those who dis the NFL

Call it overhyped. Complain that the players make too much money. Fair enough. But even if you're an ardent CFL supporter, it's getting pretty hard to call the NFL game dull compared to the Canadian brand of football. (Google "NFL is boring" and "CFL" and you get 16,500 matches.) At any rate, this week's list will probably make a few people angry. Or should we say insecure?

Like lots of scoring? The NFL can accommodate that request

Consider the last two games the Green Bay Packers lost this season.

On Dec. 20, they traveled to Pittsburgh and Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger lit them up for 503 yards. Big Ben's last completion was a 19-yard TD strike with no time remaining to win the game. Final score: Pittsburgh 37, Green Bay 36. It was exciting.

On Sunday, the Pack went to Arizona for a first-round playoff matchup with the Cardinals. The two teams proceeded to combine for 1,024 yards of offence and 13 touchdowns. Final score, in overtime: Arizona 51, Green Bay 45. It too was exciting.

For a more macro argument, consider this: The New Orleans Saints led the NFL in points per game this season with 31.9. The Montreal Alouettes led the CFL with 33.3. Those numbers are close. (Closer when you take into account the single-point factor.)

Like it when teams air it out? NFL teams air it out

It's amazing that some people still think of the NFL as a running league. It's like saying small players can't make it in the NHL, or the automobile is a fad.

Look at the quarterbacks who led their teams into the NFL playoffs this year: Kurt Warner, Brett Favre, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Philip Rivers, Tony Romo, Donovan McNabb, and Roethlisberger. Those guys don't just manage games. Mark Sanchez and Joe Flacco do, which is why the Jets and Ravens, respectively, are the two biggest underdogs still alive, despite their highly-ranked ground games and defences.

This isn't Trent Dilfer's league anymore.

Houston's Matt Schaub finished tops in the NFL this season with 4,770 yards passing, good for 298.1 per game. Nine other quarterbacks surpassed the 4,000-yard mark down south.

In the CFL, four pivots tossed for more than 4,000 yards in 2009: Ricky Ray (led the league with 4,916), Henry Burris, Anthony Calvillo and Darius Durant. That's a higher percentage of QBs with 4,000 yards or more, but Ray, Burris and Durant played 18 games, two more than the guys in the NFL get.

Schaub also led the NFL with 583 passing attempts, or 36.4 per game. Ray led the CFL with 596, or 33.1 per game. In the NFL, 14 QBs attempted more than Ray's 33.1 passes per game.

As for TD passes, Calvillo led the CFL with 26 of them. In the NFL, 12 QBs threw 26 or more.

Like big plays? The NFL has big plays

Donovan McNabb, Tony Romo and Aaron Rodgers finished tied for the NFL lead in completions of 40 yards or more. Each of them had 17, which is more than one per game.

Ten years ago, only six NFL QBs had at least 10 plays of 40 yards or more. This year, 10 did.

The CFL doesn't track those stats (well, it might, but the PDF files at were taking forever to load), so let's look at yards per completion. Burris: 14.3. Ray: 12.3. Calvillo: 11.7.

And in the NFL? McNabb: 13.3. Romo: 12.9. Rodgers: 12.7.

Of course, the CFL has much more entertaining championship games. Oh, wait, no it doesn't. The last two Super Bowls have been classics and five of the last eight have been decided by a touchdown or less.

But at least CFL players are out there for the love of the game and not the almighty dollar. Right, most of them wouldn't even take a call from an NFL general manager.

For the record, we like the CFL. We've traveled to Grey Cups on our own dime and had a blast. We're simply OK with enjoying both leagues. The more time watching sports the better

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An excellent article, FYB. I wish more people thought like this. If you love the CFL first and foremost, that's fine... but why people feel the need to tear down the NFL just to make themselves feel better about the CFL is beyond me. I don't think there's any problem in liking both leagues.

I'm a football junkie. I follow both leagues closely, and I even watch some NCAA. Football is football, man.

Excellent read for sure and yes, football is football regardless of the rules. I heard a guy say the other day something along the lines of he doesn't like the "new" NFL, too much passing and not enough running. Hey friend, the old days of Woody Hayes type football isn't going to win you championships. That being said, just like the CFL, you still need a good enough running game to keep the defense honest.

It's not really a CFL vs NFL thing anymore, it's all mixed together now the styles of football. It's really just a love of football but with that being said, I still love Canadian football and our history with our teams and our championship, nothing can replace this for me, Grey Cup since 1909 etc. It's football in Canada regardless of how the rules have evolved over the years. All football is entertainment for me whereas only Canadian football is in my love-of-my-country bones as I watch football and meld it with Canadian culture and the country I live in. The first Grey Cup was played in Toronto at Rosedale Field and that's cool. The first Super Bowl was played in a foreign country and that's the way that is. But no question, some American games are just more entertaining from a pure entertainment point of view than Canadian games at times and that is quite natural of course.

Type as a phrase "NFL is a passing league" and you get lots of hits. Here's a recent one:

We've been kicking around the importance of quarterbacks all season in this mailbag. The NFL is a passing league geared around the play of quarterbacks, and that is even more pronounced by the way the playoffs are shaking out

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And this blog article says only 2 of the top 5 rushing teams made the playoffs, wow, never thought I'd hear that about the NFL.

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I'm pretty sure the NFL also crushes the CFL in overall
huddle time between plays because of the much longer play clock.

This allows for many more of those compelling camera shots of the
QB gesturing to the coach that his helmet isn't getting calls clearly.

Oh...and this also provides more time for in-game cross-promotion
of the network's highly anticipated upcoming television events.
(Now I really can't wait to watch the new season of Bones!)


WOW NFL Offences have taken to the CFL type of game, and even have an extra down to boot, Obviously NFL Defences are Way behind and apparently do not know how to Tackle. What happend to the NFL,s Defences? at least Detroit and Cleveland Browns (the 2nd) can still play a good old fashioned 6 to 3 game! LMAO

Some high scoring american Games! ... s_football

You realize the CFL does this, as well, right? But instead of advertising shows, they advertise other games... football, hockey, etc. In fact, all leagues do this.

"Of course, the CFL has much more entertaining championship games. Oh, wait, no it doesn't. The last two Super Bowls have been classics and five of the last eight have been decided by a touchdown or less. "

45.3% of GC's by touchdown or less
32.5% of SB's by touchdown or less

that explains why I always want Wnedy’s new burger with fresh never frozen beef when I watch CFL.

I agree that football is football & I love it, no matter where it's being played... But the CFL is far more exciting to me. It's faster & I love the rules. Watching the NFL feels like watching paint dry some times.

And we can now add that 31-17 snooze fest to the list can't we? :cowboy: