Herb's take on Marc and Jim's Great Adventure

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That's why I suggested in my post on Black Monday that things could become very interesting in the coming weeks, if not days.

I quite agree that the loss of one or the other would be devastating; the loss of both catastrophic. We would indeed be a franchise floundering for a while. Since the Als' return to Montreal, we have had a number of coaches and still managed to keep a winning team on the field. But Popp, as Herb suggests, has been the de facto architect of the team, finding good players to allow the Als to maintain their winning ways.

Should the Als lose both to the NFL, and I shudder to think about this one, what effect that could have on our players/FAs... Would some of them be inclined to seek their fortunes elsewhere?

The circumstances of this particular NFL season are exceptional, with so many firings of coaches and GMs, but this scenario is something that the CFL has to live with, unless, of course, it ever becomes major league in its own right in this country.

So, I sincerely hope when the dust settles on this one that we will have a good coach (hopefully Trestman), a good GM (hopefully Popp), good players, and a competitive team to field for the 2013 season! Fasten your seat belts, gents - we're in for a roller-coaster ride in the coming days and weeks!

You know. Crazy has become the new normal... A Professional sports league should be one where Athletes and top executives make good money (six figures) and where fans get entertainment value that is affordable enough to bring along the next generation of fans. The CFL is normal. The NFL is the league where owners shudder wondering what do we do if the TV money goes down a bit.

There are different times coming and your seeing it in Nascar with Dodge walking away. NHL desperate to get a new deal. NFL teams lowering their costs shedding money wherever they can, even playing games in Toronto. If I was to buy a franchise looking into a crystal ball at the future there is probably no better purchase than a well run CFL franchise, profits potential is small but so is the investment (relative) and the long term prospect is huge.

It is understood that professional sports' salaries are absolutely ludicrous. In baseball, soccer, basketball, NFL football...a player makes more in one game than many fan's annual salary.

I agree that good players should make good money. In the case of the recent NHL "lockout", the issue basically was certain multi-millionaires (players) fighting with other multi-millionaires/billionaires (owners). Sorry, no sympathy from me!

Perhaps the sports industry (because that's exactly what it is!) will have to come to some form of sanity and equilibrium where contracts, salaries, sponsorship...are concerned. Fans may mutter and grumble, but the problem is that they will continue to support teams at virtually any cost. If people "voted with their feet" and boycotted a significant number of games, corporate sponsors, owners, broadcasters...would most definitely take notice and realize that the market is not that lucrative. Things would almost of necessity moderate. Will that happen? It remains to be seen, but I don't think it ever would.

Where the CFL is concerned, tickets are moderately priced. But, if the CFL were to go BIG LEAGUE with larger salaries offered to attract better calibre players..., ticket prices would almost necessarily go up. Could this league survive?

But in most leagues that is no longer enough. They rely on TV broadast rights and corporate sponsorship for most of their income. While that may work for a decade or two. Economic downturns are unavoidable and if these teams are stuck with these contracts in a severe downturn their is no escape.

IMO a pro athlete deserves to be paid just well enough to compensate for a relatively short career and to earn a post-career pension that offsets the cost of medical bills and health issues which arise as a result of his profession. Not a cent more. There are plenty of careers out there that contribute to the community without making you obscenely rich. If you don't like it, go work an office job.

Was watching a docmentary on ESPN a few months back that showed 90 percent of NFL'ers are broke when they leave the league. But a guy Like Kevin Glenn is going to retire with a couple Tim Horton franchises paid for. Its not how much you make its how you spend it.

That's insane when you consider the base NFL salary. If you spend even a couple of years in the NFL and you don't spend money on gold jackets and multiple luxury cars, you can be set for life when your career ends.

As long as there are owners and gm's out there willing to spend outrageous amounts of money, athletes will ask for the sky.
Hard to blame the athletes for signing big time contracts.

I'm not blaming them. I'm just saying that they have no tenable position from an ethical point of view. If they want to be greedy s.o.b.s, fine, but don't come crying to me afterward about how you're broke or the league is fleecing you or you can't afford that mansion your trophy wife wanted you to buy. :wink:

no argument there.

Desjardins is being wooed by Ottawa.

If Trestman does leave maybe Chris Jones might be a HC candidate here. He knows Thorpe quite well.

Still too many ifs, maybes and buts at this point. I somehow believe Trestman and Popp will still be stuck here when it's all said and done but if they don't hey, time to move on.

Could not agree more.

I recall, back when baseball salaries first started going through the roof, Tim Raines was an outfielder in Montreal. To keep him, the Expos offered him a million dollar raise. That's a million dollars over and above what he was already earning. He said he was insulted by that offer, and left as a free agent, signing with Chicago.

A million dollar raise is "insulting" ??

Well, gee, guess what ? I've got a pretty thick skin. . . if someone cared to insult me by offering me a million dollars over and above what I am already making, I can take that kind of insult. Go ahead, insult me !!

No, no, insult me, please!! :lol:

Let's split it.

WHAT?? I'm insulted by that offer.

The Browns have been turned down 3 times. I'm thinking they take the pair.

Cocaine addict offered a million dollar raises insulted... And its only gotten more ridiculous since then.

and that was over 25 years ago. In today's world, that would be $2.5 million !! :wink:

If you want to talk about outrageous salaries and how misguided our societys priorities have become, you have Charlie Sheen getting $250,000 for a personal appearance, Kim Kardashian $125,000, and Tebow $65,000. Although Im thinking of saving up for Kim. :lol:

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