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Do you sometimes get the feeling that Herb is on a personal Vendetta against Popp? Can his vendetta be clouding his judgement? He often does report facts, but he seems to take great pleasure in mud slinging against Popp. There is something personal going on...

The Als are a bunch of dumb-f---s," said a CFL executive, obviously not mincing words.
I refuse to believe that any CFL executive would say that to a reporter.....

So yes I think Herb has a vendetta against Popp. I never had any respect for him and articles like this one just reinforce my opinion of him and the media in general

I knew if the Als lost their pick we'd get a long winded story from Herb sparsed with a couple jabs and uppercuts. The guy hasn't writen anything in two weeks and was just waiting to be vindicated.

Now had the Als not lost a pick, we would have had a three sentence blurb. That's the kind of guy he is.

As much as 'CFL executives' have an occasional slip of the tongue, I agree with you. I don't believe anybody said this either.

Herb is just stirring the pot and won't be happy until Jim Popp is out of Montreal.

Since Popp is not talking to Herb, looks like it's Marcel Desjardins, who's the "messenger" from now on, as per the latest articles Herb wrote.

Too bad that apart Herb, most of the media (except RDS) are not following the Al's on a daily basis !

It would be great if the Als had a weekly call in show like the Bombers have.

Popp blew it for a decond year in drafting, high, a pick who will not play this year because of injury. As you remember the Als pick in 07 was am OL who was very injured and, reportedly had no interest in playing football.I think Popp’s reputation was made in the past years. He blew it last year as a coach and, quite possibly did not have the time to review the 07 draft guys. He is open to for criticism and could be a divisive person in the Als management. Look what happened to the Als first pick!!!

CJAD AM 800 has a call in after every game and Sports Night, call in every Saturday night at 6:30.

Of course during the off season they dont talk football but during the season......

Hassal, you need to read more then Zurcocksy's column if you want to know what is going on with this team.

Yalowsky (Last year's pick) chose to step away from football and focus on his engineering carreer. Popp took a chance that maybe after a year or two of pushing a pen and some cad software Yalowsky might realize he missed football. Yes it was a gamble but don't try to make it sound like Popp just picked a name off of a sheet of paper knowing nothing of what he was doing.

As far as Gurminder Thind he has a bad disc in his back and could need an operation. His coach suggesting that this would end his "college" carreer.

There is a diffence between gambling on a prospect and drafting a dead guy.

Personnaly I was concerned the Als would pick Giguere to please to local yocals. Giguere is a great athlete but is not a Primo receiver. The Als picked a very,very young Linebacker that can run down opponents on special teams and learn the ropes as a MLB.

We are lucky to have a guy like Jim Popp. I'm tired of hearing Herb pull his BS from failed Als employees. I'm glade they are gone. Let 's see how well he does with the Ticats.

You say you've followed the Als for a long time well let me tell you. I held season tickets during the Skalbania and Bronfman era and I don't want to see anything like that again EVER!

Jim has made his home in Mtl. and has been a PART of a very successful team for going on 12 seasons now. What has Herb's "source" done for this team?

Now that Hockey is over in Montreal, now you can get back to football! :wink:

Man, it's taking everything I have to stay out of this argument!!! :twisted:

Why stay out of it?
I would like to hear what you have to say

Like I wrote in my column on the Als' site http://en.montrealalouettes.com/index.p ... 6&writer=0 , it drives me crazy when journalists pretend to know more than the professionals hired to run a football team.

It's too easy to do after-the-fact analysis and to take pot-shots from the security of a newspaper column. Journalists aren't faced with the pressure of making decisions that affect the livelihood and careers of other human beings and that may affect a franchise's stability, both in terms of finances and fan support.

The men in charge of the Alouettes have built one of the most consistently excellent franchises in the league for the past decade. They've been to four out of the last six Grey Cups.

To think that every decision they make will be perfect, or that we (as fans of the team) are entitled to anything more than their best effort (which they've given repeatedly) is ludicrous.

For anyone to characterize the Als as failures or as an inadequately run franchise, needs to get some perspective on how the rest of the league lives, IMO.

Ro, I'd get in hot water if I got any more specific than that. But believe me, my personal opinion runs much deeper...

Well, so far they sound pretty similar to mine!

Especialy in Montreal where a reporter's job lasts a lifetime.

What is really funny is that last year he bashed Jim Popp for being a media whore and this year he bashes him for not speaking to the media. How can anyone take him seriously? Come on people !

Maybe we can find an English Professor to find him a job in the deep south ? :stuck_out_tongue:

ro, we have Tony Gallagher out here. All he knows is speculation and spins it as truth. I swear his references are Grim Brothers and Hans Christian Andersen. Gallagher is a Player agent wannabe. Nothing Hockey ownership in Vancouver could do would please him. (Yeah, I know, we've done our share of bone head moves.....but...)

Anybody seen his latest entry???

[url=http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/news/sports/alouettes/story.html?id=d380b06e-ce5e-4425-8ae4-ee4688e8c22d]http://www.canada.com/montrealgazette/n ... 4688e8c22d[/url]

It doesn't make sense and it seems like another attempt to bash the entire organization in his feud with Popp...

He really gotta go. I certainly can't take him seriously when I read this kind of bullcrap.

If your "sources" say that much, have the guts to name them.

This team has a new mix of experienced and emerging coaches, has signed several key players, has drafted two notable promising prospect in Emry and Woodruff.

Stop fooling us.

O.B. couldn't believe the arrogance of Popp," one of the sources said. "Nobody (in the CFL) wants to deal with them."
"The consensus around the league is the Als are going down - fast."
More BS that I dont believe anyone would say to a reporter. Looks like Herb is a beter fiction writer than he is a sports writer

Herb basically says in his article that the Als are a sinking ship, and that this opinion is shared (consensus around the league...) by the CFL brass... Unbelievable! Maybe Popp didn't make the trade because it wasn't in the best interests of the team. And I disagree with the quote that "trading a receiver to get the 4th choice, a young canadian is a no brainer." We are talking about a star receiver for a guy with potential; many first round pics have busted.

To put this in perspective, 2 or 3 years ago, when Scott Flory signed 2 contracts, one with the Als, and one with The Riders, the league decided the Als could keep Flory, but give their first round draft choice to the Riders as compensation. When Don Matthews was asked if it was worth it to give up their first round draft choice to keep Flory, he basically said it was a no brainer... He preferred to keep a star player, rather than get an unproven player with potential (I think he asked the reporter where Nugent, a highly touted first round choice was playing...). The only difference is Flory is also canadian, but still...
Popp just might have made the right choice. I would not give O'Billovich to much credit so far; he let Marcel bellefeuille be hired to be his OC...

I look forward to Herb Z's next novel "Diary of a pissy little frustrated journalist who had dreams of being a star athlete, but ran like a girl" but, I don't think it is a work of fiction...