Herb Zurkowsky Show

J'ai envoyé une plainte à la Gazette au sujet de la non-couverture des Alouettes.

Je n'ai même pas eu un accusé de réception.

Manifestement, un important annonceur leur a demandé de cesser cette couverture...

When the Gazette disappears. They better not blamed readership...

On va voir comment Herb va couvrir le camp dentrainement des Alouettes et lImpact.

Yeah, because he is some kind of elite sports reporter... :roll: :lol:

Don't know what's going through his head these days.

Mid-lfe crisis, possible salary freeze at the Gazette, CFL reporters Hall of Fame induction going to his head - who knows, who cares.

I want the same football coverage Drew Edwards gives in Hamilton, Beamish and Ullrich in Vancouver, and that Pat Hickey gives hockey fans. That`s my template. And Stu Cowan needs to do his job and tell Herb he is there to serve his readers and not his ego.

Considering the wired world in which we live, I seriously wonder about the longevity of the printed word. Even books now appear in electronic form.

I’m still from the Old School, however. I like to read about my favourite sports teams in a sports column, aided by a few pictures of their latest games. Too bad in Montreal that means reading a HZ article - double sigh!

not sure he ever really did.

exactly. time to move on.

That’s the thing. Someone a few days ago asked how many here were subscribers. Well even if it was just one. Herb has an obligation to give that ONE the best coverage and make his daily competitive. I am certain many subscribe to the Spec to read Milton and Edwards coverage of the tiger-cats. I’m sure there would be more Als fans subscribing if his coverage was consistant and creative. What’s even worse is the Spec is probably paying Drew a fraction of what Herb is making. But they are probably stuck with Herb so unless he croaks he will be there till the paper folds.

(Initially posted this in wrong thread, sorry for duplication).

I e-mailed Herb this afternoon expressing some of the feelings I have posted here. To his credit he responded.

I will share the relevant parts:

You misinterpreted things.
Once camp starts, you and others will receive the same impeccable coverage you
have come to expect.
As for Hawkins, yes, he should have made time and accommodated me. Aa for having
Stubbs on, this always will be a hockey town.
The state of the franchise calls are somewhat predictable; each team saying how
great it will be this season. Thus my snickering.

He's playing you. The conference calls, all you have to do is press the # sign and you can ask any question that he wants to ask to a number of Als management. I'll tell you one better. I've snuck in on the call the last 3 years and asked questions, most of which were printed the next day LMAO. So for him to say it is predictable. I wonder if he predicted that a fan calls in every year and asks a bunch of questions ?

I was in Calgary for a couple of weeks and just about every day I searched the Gazette hoping to get some Als news. I found no new articles. This has been disappointing. It would appear that The Gazette has opted out of covering the Als. Here we are close to opening the new season and the news coverage is 0. I have spent my life reading about the Montreal Alouettes from the Gazette, the Montreal Herald and The Montreal Star. To have two weeks of no coverage of this team at this important time time of the year makes no sense. Has the Montreal Gazette decided to stop covering this team?

Props for responding but does the content and tone rebute anything that has been said in this thread>

Not really, but time to move on. We`ll see how he does once camp starts.

Something has happened, Judging by Herb's comments on radio and in Sheldon's response it coincides precisely with the time that Herb says Dan Hawkins turned down an interview request. Not a reach to say this is retribution for the perceived slight.

I agree with Sheldon. It doesn't appear as if the Gazette considers that the Als deserve more/better press coverage, so whoever likes to read press coverage of the Als (not me!) will have to accept the fact that HZ is the de facto English commentator where football is concerned.

I'll content myself with whatever media coverage is afforded by TSN/RDS/CTV Montreal and this forum. HZ is, at least for me, a non issue.

I followed up on Herb`s response yesterday, and he says there is no feud with Hawkins and that he will be listening in and writing about the Als media conference.

Yeah, right. :lol: He's such a petulant little man and it comes through loud and clear in his writing, and in the lengthy absences between his bouts of writing.

And I'm with Hfx: it's both funny and pathetic that he considers it his job only to listen in and write about the media conference, without asking any pertinent questions of his own. I'm an ex-journalist and I well remember working with and even taking courses with old, bitter, burnt-out journalists, who got hired in the '70s with barely any qualifications and who are now just sitting on their butts, bulletproof via unions, going through the motions and contributing virtually nothing to their field. If Herb's not careful, he'll end up exactly like the people I remember.

The organization and the team deserves so much better than what Herb and the Montreal media are giving back. It is ridiculous. On that conference call. I've heard Schultz, Petersen, Bujold, Lefko among others. I've never heard Herb ask one question. He was not at spring camp, yet he went to Florida for the Impact training camp. We've passed the minimum acceptable and like JKM states its a lost cause.

Herb did meet with Mike Miller this afternoon,at Olympic stadium. I have more confidence in Mike Miller than I had with Marcus Brady.