Herb Zurkowsky Show

An hour of my life that I won`t get back.

It appears that Herb`s sidekick on the show, former Winnipeg Free Press football reporter Dave Supleve is trying to use this as a platform to launch a radio career.

The greater part of the show was taken up by Dave Stubbs (who is an excellent hockey reporter) talking about Carey Price, etc. Well TSN 690 does not need more hockey talk. It needs a CFL football show, but apparently Herb is in denial about what he is paid to do for a living.

He fathoms himself as some sort of media personality, but I want to know what he did Saturday night about as much as he wants to know what I did.

When he did touch on the Alouettes at the end, he stated that the Als coaches will be in town next week and he plans on interviewing Mike Miller and not Dan Hawkins. Apparently Hawkins did not have time for him previously and Herb hasn`t forgotten. Poor baby.

Hard to respect Zurkowsky now. What’s with these cheap vendettas? He’s feuded with just about every Als HC, not to mention Popp, for years now. Maybe at some point he should admit that, “It’s not you, it’s me.” :smiley:

I like Herb’s profile pieces but it’s becoming obvious that he has no interest in covering CFL football.

I heard the "big announcement" on Melnyk's show and frankly the monotone drone of both Herb and his co-host left me with no interest in listening.

As has been pointed out, Herb's thinly veiled (?) contempt for Popp and Als off-field personnel in general is another "turn-off".

I would be surprised if that show lasted more than 3 weeks. Old crusty is not a fit for radio.

Dan Hawkins did meet with Herb, on friday afternoon of march 1,2013,at Olympic Stadium. A Friday-noon hour interview. Following that meeting, Herb had a positive article on the Gazette,entitled: Als under Hawkins-it won't be boring.

Quite normal that he now wants to meet/interview Mike Miller.


Richard I listened to Herbs show and he specifically said that because Hawkins did not have time for him he will be interviewing Miller instead this week. Amanda Stein also on the show made the comment that Herb doesnt forget these things.

This might have happened at a later date than Mar. 1.

Herb starting to think he is some legend like Red Fisher. He is far from it.

That certainly sounds very recent, and like "its on" with a Als head coach, again.

The Gazette should pull him and bring Drew Edwards back to Montreal.

The other thing is it's beyond lazy for him to be only just now, in mid to late May, getting around to talking to the assistant coaches. Thorpe returning to the Als after a CIS stint? Miller a former NFL OC? Doug Berry back on the Als sidelines? Speckman, FFS, Speckman? What has Zurkowsky been doing for the past two months?

Well today he's bitching about the poor attendance at the Memoria Cup. As far as I am concerned I am done with old crusty. Zero expectations from this guy. I use to think there was blame to go around but after 4 HC. It is clear this guy as a poor attitude or emotional issues or both. Can't be bothered with him.l

I think he's a good reporter in a limited way, and he goes through periods where he tries, but he's just not good/interested enough to be the Als' beat reporter. He doesn't follow the team closely enough, and doesn't have enough football knowledge to see past the inessentials.

As far as I'm concerned, I see better "articles" on the Als on this site than I ever have from HZ. Once in a blue moon, he does write something interesting, but it gets buried in all the other fluff from his pen. Further, when interviewed by people like Randy Tieman, he always appears to have a mad on, like he doesn't really enjoy his job. Now, I'm not saying that he should be a "homer", but he is writing primarily about the Als. While we would expect a certain degree of objectivity in his reporting, he has been writing about a future HOF who may very well amass stats that may never be surpassed, as well as about a franchise that has been playing at an elite level for years. Isn't that worth waving the flag about from time to time?

IMO, there are no good football reporters in Montreal. On this site, there are those who are well-versed in a variety of fields - CIS/NCAA prospects, trades, drafts, roster moves... The discussions here are lively and interesting. I never get that from HZ! As Als' fans, maybe we should voice our concerns to the Gazette!

Likewise, I learn infinitely more about the Als here than I do anywhere else; I visit these forums daily, knowing that the regular posters are always contributing, both in terms of player signings/releases, articles, team news, etc., and in terms of opinions and perspectives. It's enlightening and entertaining to read. So hey, cheers to everyone who posts here. You guys do better work than at least one reporter. :wink:

Yep, I've learned way more from reading posts here than from anything Herb's written, sadly. He is very good at doing feature pieces on individual players, focusing on their personal lives. That's his bread and butter. But in this day and age, you can't grow the game or your readership just by talking about how player X survived a rough childhood to get where he is today. Today's fans are savvy and plugged in and they want hard news & analysis.

Herb who?! :wink:

Think there are two others who use to have an hour show on Wednesday nights during football season which focused on the Als.... Sean Campbell and Mitch Gallow?!

One other pet peeve I have with the Gazette is sports editor Stu Cowan who seems incapable of reining Herb in.

And what exactly does a sports editor with only 4 reporters do?

"Dave, Pat, Brenda, you guys cover the Canadiens game tonight".

"Herb, go find something to complain about."

Today it is the weather

Herb Zurkowsky ?@HerbZurkowsky1 35m I can't believe how cool it is at practice today. Is it ever going to warm up in this city?

I guess he forgot to bring his blanky.

He's the journalistic equivalent of this :

Another thing that Herb snickered at Sunday was the Als state of the team league wide media conference which is scheduled for Friday. Acted like he is above all that.