Herb Zurkowsky owes Popp an apology for promoting lie

Well there you have it.

In spite of multiple denials by the team management and ownership. Herb Dadick promoted his fake news on his twitter handle and employer's paper about the team being grossly over the CFL salary cap.

His employer should force him to apologize publicly at least to Jim Popp and Bob Wetenhall. As a beat guy following the team, he has the professional obligation to give the team a fair shot when they tell him his information is false. I've sent his editor my opinion and requested that a more motivated and fair reporter covers the team this year.

Excellent point HfxTc. But, Herb will apologize when he stops putting ice in his scotch. Unfortunately, never... :thdn:

Didier Orméjuste from RDS also said the Als were over big. In addition, there was a story in Journal De Montreal (I forget the author) saying the Als were about $250,000 beyond the cap. In hindsight, their source was probably somebody trying to get Jim Popp ousted.

It was Jonathan Guay, okie. He wrote many articles insisting that the Als were in excess of the cap. He also had a few articles saying that players, including Nicolas Boulay, had to take/accept salary reductions,because of the excess over the cap.

Others wrote about it, including many on CFL site and Tiger-Cats site.

Herb won't apologize.

What is important is the fact that the Als were within the cap and that in 28 days from now the Als will be in training camp.


Despite their financial struggles, Postmedia allowed several reporters to attend the recent CFL Week in Regina - none of them named Herb. Which kind of points out his standing with his bosses.

Forty-three members of the media will be in position starting Tuesday morning to collect content for the coming season.

Bev Wake, Postmedia’s senior executive sports producer, agrees. “This gives us an opportunity to sit down with the stars of the game, away from the field of play, and talk to them in ways we normally can’t,? she said. “This will allow us to tell better stories not only in advance of the season, but once it begins. And that’s good for fans.?

[url=http://news.nationalpost.com/sports/cfl/a-week-like-no-other-cfl-flies-star-players-and-legends-to-regina-for-unprecedented-media-blitz]http://news.nationalpost.com/sports/cfl ... edia-blitz[/url]

Kind of odd that the commish was fired shortly thereafter.

Shortly thereafter what ?
What are you insinuating this time ? Orridge was Herb's source ? Orridge orchestrated a cover-up ?

Orridge was incompetent and the CFL is ungovernable.

Hahaha...I'm not insinuating anything.

Orridge and the league got great press out of this. I'm just find it a bit odd that he got fired shortly thereafter.

“This is all definitely part of commissioner Jeffrey Orridge’s strategy to extend our reach to the fans,? said Christina Litz, the new vice-president of content and marketing. “Our fans are passionate and we’ve heard from fans how they want more engagement with the league. We just weren’t doing enough in the off-season to engage with them to bring great content and great ways for them to get excited about the upcoming season.?

It doesn’t take a math major to figure out the budget for the event will be well over $1 million, when you consider airfare and hotel rooms for 50 CFL stars, prospects, CFL staff and everybody else involved.

“It’s a substantial investment from our ownership group and it goes to investing in what we’re doing,? Litz said.

So you are saying that the owners didn't appreciate the invoice for CFL week ?

Nope not saying that. I'm sure they pre-approved it?
Are you suggesting they didn't?

Ok I give up. What was the "thereafter" he was fired for ?

Tell us, instead of disco dancing 8)

Oh sorry. Wasn't dancing.
I meant fired shortly after the CFL week event in Regina.

Well judging by media comments. CFL week was the high point for the CFL since the 100th. Grey Cup. So I'm not sure why he would have been fired for anything related to CFL week.

I wasn't suggesting he was fired because of CFL week. As I said the timing of his firing was odd to me that's all- after a great event that he was given a lot credit for putting together and clearly the owners bought into for a million.

Something came up... Takes six of them to fire their Commish and ideally you want unanimity.