Herb Zurkowsky Calls Shania Twain A Tramp

Amazing in this day and age that some people in media or entertainment are still so stupid. He called Shania Twain as looking like a 'tramp' - in case anyone hadn't seen his tweet.

Herb Zee should stick to subjects he’s semi-familiar with - like football games!

I’m not a Shania fan but nothing she did Sunday night detracted from Grey Cup lore.

I did think she was gonna flip out when being trotted out by a dogsled team - but she fought it off and put together a very workmanlike show!

Not all CFL fogeys are anti-women . . . . . myself included - even CJOB Winnipeg’s crusty old play-by-play man Bob Irving (late 60s, early 70s) was just drooling about Shania Twain. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ambrosie got wind of this and introduced Shania to Old Bob before or after the show!

Most think she's a very talented and successful Canadian singer and songwriter and has an energy and vitality that defies her age. I believe that's what garnered Shania praise Sunday evening.

But hearing about how old guys think about women and traditional roles - is kinda creepy, and I have no idea why that has to be part of the conversation about GC halftime 2017.

After reading the topic title, I assumed it was going to be about the two of them becoming an item

Nothing wrong with Shania's looks, but,
Herb Z sure looks like a jerk, dickwad, chauvinistic A-Hole for tweeting that! :-[ :-[ :-[

Sounds like old Herbie might have had one too many Scotch and sodas up in the press box . :o ???

I "LUV YOU" Shania !!! :-* :o


I saw his apology tweet, but didn't see the original tweet(s). Did anyone see it?

When will these guys learn that social media isn't like sitting in a bar and talking to your buddy next to you?? This is about as big of a public condemnation letter you're going to see from an employer.

"In addition to this apology, the Montreal Gazette will further address this incident with Zurkowsky internally."

I wonder what this means?

Essentially it means "If it happens again, Herb we'll address it again, Herb!"

This just in:

“Herb Zurkowsky will be away and living in an unnamed therapeutic facility in Arizona for the next month in order to face some personal issues. His agenda will include meditation, yoga, sensitivity training, spa services, and an endless supply of Shania Twain hits. We wish Herb the very best in his recovery.?

- The Montreal Gazette

What year is Herb living in ? Does he get out much ? He sounds like he just woke up from 1956 .

In today's day in age what Shania is wearing is conservative .

Senility is setting in for poor old Herb... maybe he should be put out to pasture and he can chew his cud with the poor words that he chose...

My only question is why?

Not surprised some men think this way.
Not surprised people tweet stupid things.
But WHY would a seasoned journalist think this is something he should put out there?

Does the guy have a drinking problem?

I am a Shania fan and I know nothing about this Herb guy. However, to be partially fair to him, not including the grey cup, Shania is these days performing in Madonna, Cher type outfits that I find disappointing. I remember thinking of Madonna as a tramp even though I like her music.

BedazzleSpanx Shania looked ridiculous but Herb made a mistake using a trigger word.

Shania was wearing head to toe clothing. Even her cleavage was covered with some sheer material. I think the term 'tramp' is being used incorrectly here.

If some have a concern with her shape, then that's a bias they have to deal.

Herbs wife is a psychologist. It would be interesting to know how shes handling it.

Maybe if he called her his favorite adjective - dysfunctional - there would have been less of an uproar.

And at least he`s never called Kavis Reed a tramp.

It was unclear to me for some reason if he was only referring to her grey cup outfit. I think that outfit was fine as far as what and how it covered her, but as far as overall appearance, it didn't impress me much.

Nice, FYB !

This is what HZ looks like. Who would you rather look at?