Herb wrties a big article on Mad Jack !

Cool story, MadJack!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: ...Please accept my apologies Vilma( Mrs. MadJack)...not only did i exclude you i forgot to acknowledge your anniversary ...SO... (no-matter how belated) I'm congratulating you and MadJack on your fifth wedding anniversary...I hope it was all you wanted it to be..AND I would not expect you to be anywhere else but at MadJacks side at the game...............wearing your Bomber gear of course :thup: :lol:

But papa, that's not fair !! You, my older brother ploen_truth, and Mrs MadJack all wearing Winnipeg gear? That's 3 to 1 !

Anyway, good luck tonight against the Argos, we'll be watching. . .

Come on Jack, 3 bombers don't equal one Alouettes. Sheesh :cowboy:

Well that's a valid point, I must admit !

Yeah, it's 5 Bombers to 1 Alouette at least. :twisted:

Well I suppose that depends on position.

I doubt that there are any Als fans who woldn't take Jonathan Hefney or Doug Brown in our lineup. . .

Jack, you know I'm just joking around, right? :slight_smile:

I wouldn't take Hefney, Brown yes. I am not quite sure why he is retiring after this year.

Of course. . . :smiley: . . . I may be obtuse from time to time, but not that obtuse.