Herb wrties a big article on Mad Jack !

Check it out !

[url=http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/Hamilton+native+were+always/5037633/story.html]http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/H ... story.html[/url]

Great article
Congrats Madjack!!!

Nice one, bud! :thup:

Funny thing is he had a photographer there; I haven't seen a hard copy of the Gazette yet this morning, but why the online edition has a pic of AC I do not know. . . maybe our pics turned out badly. . . or, as I am fond of saying, "It's an ugly picture but it's a darn good likeness of me !"

|Congratulations to you and the Mrs.! What a great article. Maybe the two of you should come to more of their games as their good luck charms.

For the picture, sometimes they have different ones on line than the actual print. So you may still be there !

Good on you Jack! You're the true definition of a fan! Now, a little confession of my own. While I always supported the Als, in the 60's I also liked the Ticats - Bernie Faloney, Garney Henley, John Barrow... I also liked the spirit of the Ticats' fans. They are, I believe, the only team that has an official cheer - Oskee WeeWee... However, I was never a fan of the Ticats to the same degree you are of the Als.

So, once again congrats on your loyalty, and though I never thought I'd be saying this on this forum, congrats to Herb for a good story! It's things like this that pique the curiosity and keep the interest of fans.

Go Als go!!!!

Before flying out, I bought the print edition of the Gazette; it has our picture. . . online edition does not. Herb tells me they have two different editors, and the online editor wasn't aware that there was a picture of us. Left hand, meet right hand.

Very nice indeed MadJack :thup:

This was a really good article by Herb in focusing on a Hamilton native who loves the Montreal Alouettes. I have always found Madjack's posts represent a good football mind and, I have gained good insights and perspectives from MJ re the Alouettes. His writing is that of a gentleman and a person who respects the viewpoint of others. Congratulations Madjack on this honor that was bestowed upon you.

Going back to the 60's, I always felt the Ti Cats management took advantage of the Als management. The trade whereby we lost the great Hal Patterson to the Ti Cats still riles, I am sure , both of us. We got nothing from Sam who departed to the NFL. Then Bernie Faloney took the TiCats to the Grey Cup. Later the TiCats traded a washed up Faloney to the Als who descended into football purgatory. Its good to know there was at least one Hamilton native who shared my frustration with the Ti Cat wins year after year in that horrible decade.


And not only that, we traded darn near half the team (okay, so I exaggerate) to get the aforesaid washed up Faloney; Billy Wayte, Ted Page, Billy Ray Locklin, Dick Walton, and the rights to Don Clark (mind you we also got Ralph Goldston and Jackie Simpson in addition to Faloney).

MJ despite his handle is the cool cat of the bunch :thup:

So when is our resident attorney going to take up the "open" moderator position ? :wink:

Congrats to you and Mrs. Mad Jack. I wish the online edition had the picture of the two of you.

Rumor is : Mad Jack's mug broke the camera :lol:

A distinct possibility. . .

Way to go,Jack ! You truly are a complete CFL fan. Maybe we should get together for a pop, once again.

....Definitely an ALS. fan is MadJack and a great CFL supporter....I know his brother ploen truth is a Bomber fan .....It would be great to sit between these two in a Bombers/Als play-off :lol: ...Maybe this year :roll: ...Congrats MadJack on the write-up...a very deserving fan :thup:

Ancipate a bit of sibling rivalry papa? Just because I liked the Bombers, Leafs :oops: and Packers, MadJack liked the Als, Bruins and Cowboys, and our other brother liked the Ticats (I think), Canadiens and Rams? Never happen. :lol:

Actually...I don’t think any of us seriously follows the NHL or NFL anymore, and brother #3 is a totally loyal Everton fan.

Nothing like sports to bring a family together. :lol:

And for those interested, they've changed the webpage and now have our picture there:

[url=http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/football/montreal-alouettes/love+affair+with+Alouettes/5038927/story.html]http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/f ... story.html[/url]

Mrs MadJack saw this posting, papa, and wants to know where she is supposed to sit. . .or is it that you don't want her around? And after she deliberately had that pic taken at Grey Cup 08 in Bomber gear, just for you !

Thx Jack. Let us know the next time you make it back!