Herb Is Reporting...

Cobourne is doubtful for sunday. If so how do you think our offence will do? Mike Imoh never really got a chance to prove anything injuring himself early last season. Hope we can pull it off!

I could be wrong but I remember Imoh as having a hard time hanging on to the ball.

Considering the Als are alone in the East I think its great that second stringers get playing time. They practice as hard as everyone else and the playing time they receive could very well be a difference maker down the road if the Als have to call on them.

Cobourne And Calvillo are chasing down records or milestones...It will be interesting to see Trestman's decision...He's really a "team first" coach but he also will listen and respect what his warriors opinions are.

This could be Imoh's chance to show he can be a contributor on this team. I don't want Cobourne playing unless he's fit and ready, record or no record.

I agree but I'll let you tell him that LOL!


Seriously, though, this might be the perfect time for the Als to inject some diversity into their offense. Right now, I find it is too centered on Cobourne and therefore too easy to shut down. We have a great group of receivers -- why not use them more creatively?

Posted in TSN's hashmarks section:

Alouettes' RB Avon Cobourne was on the field but did not take part in practice. He is still experiencing soreness in his right ankle. MRIs and x-rays yesterday revealed no fractures or torn ligaments or tendons. Cobourne says he's confident he'll play Sunday but Trestman will hold him out of tomorrow's practice for precautionary measures. - TSN