Herb finds another way to put his foot up his A&? Again


Postmedia/The Gazette should consider punishing him, but might feel covering the Als is punishment enough.

But he is a bitter negative idiot, and his true colors came through.

Worth noting he was not sent by Postmedia to cover the Grey Cup even though it was close by in Ottawa. He was there on his own with his son.

I kind of see where he is coming from. I wrote last night that her "getup" screamed Vegas Call Girl.

GrandMa tripped up in the Guess and forever 21 shop.

Johnny would not have said she looked like a tramp. But Johnny's jaw fell to the ground when she appeared at halftime; and not for good reasons! She looked tacky and ridiculous! It looks as if she went to Dapper Dan's clothing boutique in Harlem, and bought the absolute worst outfit (for her) she could.

That outfit is really awful on her. Maybe another singer would look good in that outfit, but not Twain. Her hair was also horrid. WTF was she thinking? She is a beautiful woman. She had to go out of her way to look this awful!

Ok, let the PC police attack Johnny (Johnny doesn't care). But it seemed as if she was trying to be Beyonce. Her phrasing while singing some of her well know songs was different. It sounded more R&B and soul. Well, actually it sounded like a bad impersonation of R&B and soul... Her appeal as a singer, was singing fun pop country tunes, and being herself.

Last night, she was not herself. She was trying to be someone else. Utter failure!