Herb: "Alouettes are worse than you think"

Herb offers a very well tought out article about what is going on.

[url=http://www.montrealgazette.com/Alouettes+worse+than+think/6972916/story.html]http://www.montrealgazette.com/Alouette ... story.html[/url]

Happy to read that Coach Trestman believes in his players and staff. Hope they can get things fixed.

I agree with most of what was said in the article. This team will win when Calvillo puts up incredible numbers and carries the team on his sore shoulders. If he cant then we'll probably lose unless a rare miracle happens on defense like in the calgary game at molson stadium. I kinda get the feeling that this year Trestman really did want to use Macpherson more once the game looked safe or Calvillo was sore but the poor play of the defense and special teams has forced his hand with the QBs more than he would like

As has been said/written often,the number 1 problem is the defence or defensive scheme.

Here are some changes that I hope will be made in the immediate future:

Replace/release Import DB Wopamo Osaisai and replace him by Ed Gainey as dressed player; other option replace by Non-import CB Lance Milton. If second option, I would transfer Non-import Bo Adebayo to 1 game injury list. I would then add Mike Lockley to active roster/42 dressed players. Finally, Non-import LB Curtis Dublanko would be a healthy scratch to allow Milton to dress. When you play/dress an import he has to be much better than a Non-import. Milton would be as good as Osaisai and will learn.

Replace Import T Michael Ola by Import DT Ventrell Jenkins.

In the next 3 weeks/after game 6, I hope that the following options will be considered.

Aaron Hunt.Import DT. Remains a question.4 tackles and 0 sack after 4 games. Not worth was he is paid.
Rod Davis. Import LB. Not too bad 1 game not visible the next one. Only 11 tackles and 0 sack after 4 games. I say that Ingram is playing better. Not worth was he is paid.
Kyries Hebert. Import S. Has been better last 2 games. Is he that much better than Brouillette would be? Worth playing a Import as S? I don’t think so but,as I wrote, he has been better both on special teams and defence the last 2 games.


I've never really cared to look at a guy's salary. It is one thing to release guys but the replacements have to be better. Kyries has just been named Captain and I look forward to his leadership. Judging Aaron a notoriously slow starter so early in the season would not be a wise decision. As for Wapamo Osaisai he may be a great athlete but I don't think he is a very good DB.

Jim said already that these are the guys so they have to work it out. The only thing I can see is if Trestman is not going to use Brody Mcknight for the good of the young man and the team maybe he should be traded for a DB like Chris Thompson or similar.

I still think the Als should stay the course. It takes time to build a cohesive unit. I like the talent. Took the Bombers two years to get their defense working properly. Edmonton while it has made some changes is in its third year with Kavis. Throwing the baby out with the bath water after four games would be nuts and would likely send the team chasing its tail for who knows how long. Maybe this year's Als are a .500 team. It happens. We will know within a month anyway. If it so happens to be lets hope we rest AC cause that shoulder needs to heal or it will become a chronic problem (tendonosis). Adrian needs to be respected and get some playing time if we are to convince him to stay next season.

sorry richard NO to any of your changes!! why did OL #68 play? remember DE # 45 is an american!! THE MAJOR DEFENSIVE PROBLEM IS 1 THING PRESSURE BY THE FRONT 4 and BLITZING LBs!! STs problem no blocking/tackling/running and no STC!! how #13 fits into these problems is a mystey to me!!

I am aware that Lockley is an American/Import just as Ola.


That’s just not true. In 2009, 2010, and 2011, the Bombers had good or very good defenses under Mark Nelson, Kavis Reed, and Tim Burke. Three different coordinators in three years and they still fielded good defenses.

Edmonton while it has made some changes is in its third year with Kavis.
But first year with Nelson running the D. They also lost a number of players in the offseason. Yet not only are they doing fine, but they are the league's top defense.

I don’t buy this ‘give the defense time’ thing. Well-run franchises don’t need to waste half a season with a non-functional defense on the wild hope that things will magically change at the 9-game mark.

Obviously some changes need and will always happen but we don't need to start firing people after four games. There will be changes in scheme and some players obviously but I don't think we need to hit the panic button. But judging how pathetic our ST have been for a long time I think that plays into the concerns, justifiably.

The bad special teams magnifies the other problems on the team. Because of our consistently poor field position we end up putting the defence in a position where if they do allow a big play it is almost guaranteed to lead to a field goal or worse, two big plays almost certainly a touchdown. The poor special teams are giving our both our defence and our offense zero margin for error and while our offense is experienced enough that they can sometimes compensate if everyone is sharp every mistake is that much more costly and opposing defences have more chances to make a play but our defence is very inexperienced so expecting them to play perfect games is not reasonable and as a result we are only going to win games this year when our offense can compensate for the shoddy field position and the defence does just enough to give our offense a remote chance at winning

which means what? ola dressed for insurance and your comment read :? C DL adebayo out and A DL lockley in!!

Did you correctly read or understand what I wrote?

I wrote "Replace Import T Ola by Import DT Jenkins". Import by Import.
I also wrote"If Non-import DB Lance Milton is added to active roster transfer Non-Import Adebayo to 1 game injury list". Non-import by Non-Import.
I also wrote:If Osaisai is out replace him by Imort DE Lockley". Import by Import.

As before my suggestions there would still be 24 Imports and 22 Non-imports on active roster.

With regards to dressed players there would be: 1 less Import T,1 less Import DB and 2 more Import DL; 1 less Non-import LB and 1 more Non-import DB.

Confused? I am not.


Bombers are 0-4 and have already sold 27,000 for their home opener. Als are still 2-2 last i heard herb, thanks for helping to fill the seats.....not.

The media's job is to report on the team and right now the team isnt very good so they should expect criticism from the media. The alouettes marketting department is responsible for increasing ticket sales not the media

Montreal is also a bigger city with a lot more to do. People's entertainment dollars can be split in many different directions, particularly with all the outdoor events Montreal has in the summertime. And yes, like mada7 said, Herb's job is to report on the team, not be some kind of glorified shill for the Als' marketing department. And the team is coming off a brutal loss to a division rival, a loss that exposed many flaws. It's only normal for the media to be concerned.

I don't think Herb took shots at anyone. He just painted the situation in a very fair light IMO.

Know what I've always wanted to tell Herb? You're not in New York. Those guys can write all the negative press they want because it will never affect ticket sales. Seeing as Montreal is a fragile market you need to ease up a little. He's unfortunately never quite understood that concept. Popp and Herb might be at odds again soon.

Last night on a plane back from TO I was standing next to someone i thought seemed a little familiar. Turns out it was Genevieve Harbec. She was the waterboy or 'watergirl' for the alouettes in 1996 before assisting physiotherapists during training camps from 2000 to 2006. She was coordinator for marketing and promotions from 2008-2010 before being released by Ray I guess since I don't see her name anymore. My dad said of Ray 'il a mis les pendules a l'heure' (they're doing what they should), I would have added 'a l'heure de Chine oui.' as in he was too far ahead of his time. Maybe in 10 years we'll have 25,012 at these prices but not now for sure.

Lol, must have misread the title then. My bad. :wink:

I don't think Herb picks the titles... I think that's an editor thing. Could be wrong...

In any case, the title is hardly a shot at anyone. Everything he says in the article is perfectly fair, and very reasonable to point out after such an embarrassing performance in the loss to Hamilton.

read the article and can't say spit against it!!