Henry who????? Nealon MVP

Rider Pride is back as Nealon put on an MVP performance stunning the Bombless Bombers. Holmes may also be MVP of the league with his versatility. Is any team capable of stopping the mighty Rider juggernaut.??

My heart goes out to poor Saskargo who had to witness his Boatmen throw away the game against the Pussycats by taking stupid penalties. That def. lneman who got the late hit on Dickenson on the last drive should have to buy meals for the entire team for the next week!!!!! or he must sing Patsy Cline's I'm Sorry live to the Argo fans at the stadium at the next home game.!!!

Go Riders Go
the best that's ever been
Nealon Greene

You are way in over your head... enough said.

--Keep in mind that it was Winnipeg who the Riders beat. I know Saskatchewan looked great. But blowing out a team who will be taking up residence in the West basement this year hardly merits asking the question "Is any team capable of stopping the mighty Riders juggernaut?" Be happy with the win, and be content that Nealon looks 100% recovered from his injury last year. And then leave it at that. The only team out West who has reason to brag after week one is B.C., after taking down the defending Grey Cup champion Argos in Toronto.

Mighty Rider juggernaut? Pussycats? Mmmm......lets see, those Pussycats thumped your juggernaut in their pre-season match up which doesn't really mean much because it's exhibition. Um..what else? Oh yeah the Riders thumped the Bombers which doesn't really mean much because it's the Bombers.

The only team out West who has reason to brag after week one is B.C., after taking down the defending Grey Cup champion Argos in Toronto.
Actually, I think that any team that beats up another team has the right to brag. But I will agree - BC is the only team that beat another first-rate team, so they probably have the most reason to vote.

Way to go Riders!

"To vote"? Where'd that come from. I meant, "to brag".

Turkeybend, you have to watch your ridiculous comments. This is why people think that Rider fans are so arrogant. I was at the game last night. Nealon looked good for not seeing action in a full year. However, he still overthew Thurman and Dominguez for 2 TD passes. There were a lot of points left on the board last night. Kevin Glenn looked horrible. He could have been picked off 5 times last night.

Although people realized that the Riders blew out the "bottom dwellers" of the West, they still have some offensive weapons (Robers, Stokes, Stegal) and the Riders defense was very impressive in shutting them down.

Edmonton and BC both looked impressive in their victories.

sup braws

[b]I'm not taking anything away from the Riders, it's just that Winnipeg didn't put up much opposition. The Riders do look like a great team though. I think the difference between the Leos, Eskies and Riders in the west will be their QB's. All 3 teams are loaded with talent on offence and defence. Calgary might be in there too with their solid defence and revamped offence. We'll see soon enough.

In the East Damon Allen and Calvillo are looking sharp. I think it will be a powerhouse struggle between the Argos and the Als for first place.
Right now you can flip a coin to separate the Ti-Cats and Renegades for third spot.[/b]

daman allen played like shit

i think that the eskies QB ray is already outta his prime he doesnt look like anything,,,,,,, I think calgary sucks also

the riders are the best

anyone who goes along wit any other team can piss off


Aren't you Rider fans, the same fans who wanted Nealon Greene OUT of Saskatchewan last year? He went from worst QB last year because he missed the whole season, and this year he is going to be the MVP after ONE game?

I don't get it? Do you like him or not?

Gosh cheeks I never thought of it your way. Finally some intellectual insight into the game. Thank you so much.

Un-educated Rider fans have no hope for Nealon and loved Burris. Any die-hard, educated Rider fan will tell you that Nealon knows how to win games and he is a good QB.

I like Nealon, I always have and he will win a Cup one day.

We're riders fans are you kidding? We like our QB when he plays a good game, if he plays bad next week we'll want a change

Kevin Glenn knows (and I quote) "how to win games..." but what about Glenn when he was in Sask. I distinctly recall Rider fans wanting Glenn over Nealon, yet all of a sudden your defending half wit remarks and labelling 'uneducated' Rider fans???? Please, enough.

That is why we have Roy Shivers and Danny Barret. No matter what the fans think they always seem to come up with the right decisions.