Henry Who lays an egg-Riders undefeated!!!!!!


Red and red-faced- Where are you - Henry Who lays an egg and my Riders are undefeated.
49-8. Gosh, I guess we (Riders) did fluke out last year in Calgary in the playoffs. We definetly are not in the same class as the Stamps!! Stamps were horrible with no fight. BRING BACK DANNY MCMANUS!!!
OR PETER LISKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


:rockin: :cowboy:

...pulease, before you lump me in your stupid taunt go check out the other threads on this game...

AMEN BROTHER! Riders completley shut them down. I wonder if we'll be hearing from some of our Stamps posters tonight. BC here we come!


Shhh lets see if the Riders can keep up with BC next week. Oh and why are you using "we" when refering to the Riders, I didnt see you in uniform.

Ah Turkeynuts you show up for the wins but disappear when your team loses. Full marks to the Riders they came to play football or team well never got off the plane. But I am glad the stamps got their stinker game done now not later. So Turkey enjoy for now but I am sure you will disappear in the future.

Dosen't take much to get some here excited...

Well for some priders it is their Grey Cup, their Canada day, their 4th of July, their Christmas etc if you know what I mean. But hey it is a great day for them to be Rider fans and they should be happy! Keep celebrating there Priders!

Well, I'm Blue and Gold through and through but I have to say it is so nice to see the Riders play well. Kent Austin was never fleet of foot, but he did know how to control himself in the pocket and it seems as though he's been able to pass that along to Kerry. He looked poised and was able to check down to his back for BIG plays. Is it too early to talk about the Winnipeg Saskatchewan Cup festival? No party could top that!

Here we go week 2 of the CFL schedule is done and we have two GC contenders already! :lol: :lol: Who would have thought it would be the Riders and Bombers! :lol: :lol:

haha, i agree. Some people make to many bold predictions like that.

HfxTC Posted: Jul 09, 2007 - 11:55 AM

Dosen't take much to get some here excited...

Whats not to get excited about, we just hammered the snot out of our rivals!
EastSideAlouette Posted: Jul 08, 2007 - 10:12 PM

Shhh lets see if the Riders can keep up with BC next week. Oh and why are you using "we" when refering to the Riders, I didnt see you in uniform.

I agree. Next week will be a very good scale for the Riders to measure themselves on. But i think the thing they have to remember is to not get too high or to low. if they win, they cant get full of themselves, if they lose, they cant turtle and disappear, they have to come back next week and prove that they are a good team.And about the "we" thing, that is just how we are Rider fans are. You have to live Saskatchewan to understand, it really is true the fans of all of Saskatchewan take the Riders as there own, its just the way we are. :lol:

The Bombers are looking a lot better than the Stamps so far! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Good luck against the Argos on the road in week three!
Don't eat too much ice cream cones again, or forget to get off the plane now! :smiley:

Congrats on the victory, 'Riders.
To see Calgary get smoked on -- 49 points -- is pretty damn hilarious.
By the 'Riders to boot!

Some of you guys are crazy... There is a $hitload of football that is yet to be played...

Nope ... that already took place in pre-season for Turkeyboy .The parades already done.

Exactley. You can't understand it unless your one of us.

But your right BC will be tough. And The too low too high thing is right too. That's what WE seemed to do last year.

Not for me. My Grey Cup is on November 25th. Which is where the riders will be. (Hopefully)

Two and Ohh and Sask has somehow won the Grey Cup already according to some people?! Give your heads a shake! Yeah, it's a great start to the season, but let's not get carried away.

Hey, i said hopefully. i know it's early. i have not guarnteed anything yet.

While I agree Saskatchewan does look good, there is still a long way to go. I find it interesting, how a comment made (and assuming here) tongue in cheek by a Stampderes fan, can so easily be twisted as coming from a Saskatchewan fan. Read the posts and you will notice Red made the comment about the Riders and Bombers, don't jump to the old bait and switch by Red.

Unless the Lions get their offence going for a full 60 min, I can see the Riders winning this week. But does the Lions D look good. Even better than last year, IMO, and I thought they were good last year.

Riders do look good. Hopefully the game will be as intense as all the other Lions/Riders games.

I don't expect it to be a real high scoring game, both defenses have looked very good. Im confident Kent will have the team ready, and Wally always runs a tight ship, definately looking forward to this game.