Henry Who-I am not worth 4 years I am (not!)


Ole Henry up to his usual tricks of bad decisions down the stretch. Two opportunities to take the lead and put the Als away and Henry goes awry!!! Poor pass into the end zone for the pick. Poor offensive game overall for the stamps. It is a long season though. 0-1 in front of a full house - DID I HEAR BOOS AT THE END???????????? WHAT LOYAL FANS WE HAVE IN COWTOWN!! :cowboy:



...well, I was there at the end and didn't hear boos, but there could've been...doesn't have anything to do with fan loyalty you twerps, it has to do with squandering two chances to go ahead of the Als at critical times, of which Henry took full blame for in the post game interviews...

...still, interesting to see how some rider fans are still SO obsessed with their once-QB...really, you should move on, especially you Gcup89 (btw, what is that alias? your manzierre size?)....

Right on Red and White. I for one am tired of listening about Hank this and that. Hank is just another QB on a team we like to beat but that is all he should be to us. Good for him and the Stamps for the season they had last year and for our sake let's hope it was an aberation and not a trend.

...good attitude dusty, hopefully one your fellow greenies begin to adopt...every QB is going to have ups and downs, it's just remarkably strange how some like to childishly feed off one particular QBs errors yet remain so incredibly quiet when he is hoisting a Grey Cup....anyway, I'm sure their anger-management counsellors can help them out...

...good luck to your riders this year, let the games begin...

Well first off im just very annoyed at how much whining Hank has to be the center of attention damn near ALL THE TIME! When he makes a bad play, oh, henry slipped lost his footing causing a bad pass, Henry was obstructed by a defensive lineman's hands. HE MADE A BAD PLAY! I give him credit as much as i hate to, last year was a good year for them but dont keep talking about it over over over over over over over over and over again TSN ANNOYING! Im also tired of him whining for a flag on every missed oppurtunity but thats something else.

Yes it is and im very sensative about okay?!?!


...lol, okay I apologize for the personal shot....

....your opinion, based on your observation, but did you stop to think that what you call whining can also be viewed as negotiation?...I'm not trying to explain how TSN interprets it, but every team leader at some point discusses issues with the refs, it's part of the game in every sport...there were some questionable calls and non-calls last night, and god forbid I'm not complaining here (my nephew recalled that old Bud commercial where the ref notes to the crowd 'don't worry folks, I'll make up for it in the fourth quarter'), it's part of the game....

Hey all things being equal, it was a great game and the Als simply wanted the game more.

Oh i totally agree, players should negociate with the officials and there were some calls that should have been called or not called, but he doesn't have to do it 25-30 times a game. It get's very annoying and i would think that it probably paints a very negative reputation in the eyes of the officiating staff IMO

Its one game and the first of the season Im pretty sure its not over for Burris, hope you Rider fans come up with some excuses when Durant flops.

the only reason i HATE theese stamps is there cockyness......Nik lewis goes around telling everyone they were the best team of all time????? i think you missed a few stamp teams of the 90's and eskimo teams of the 70's

i dont dislike Burris at all, I believe Ricky is better..but I got nothing against Burris

I picked the Riders to lose, and the reason being is they are missing their most important player--Wes Cates. All Durant has to do is manage the game-- he doesn't have to be great, but with no Cates in the lineup, that will be huge problem for DD.

Hey, it's one thing to malign the players but let's leave the Mothers out of it

do u not remember his mother on the field at the end of last year absolutly emberrassing the league and Montreal with her antics?

No I don't. But Mothers are allowed.

I'm with dusty on this one. Show some class, corny...those comments have now been edited.

Don't trip on your lip Henry when you pout..........

did you guys see mark tressman on the sidelines everytime the camera flashed on him? i have rairly seen a coach that focussed. even when they were up by three scores, he still never smiled. i think he watched stamps game film since december first, and watched every game the huffer ever coached, played, managed, did offence co-orinated in his career in arena, cfl, nfl. montreal came to bury the stamps. hopefully this was the calgary wake up call.