Henry Whines Again

Another reason why KJ has much more class then Whining Hank. When asked about the nomination KJ said that all he cares about is the team winning the grey cup. All Henry can do is b1tch about himself. I give him a BIG :thdn: and I'll throw in a :roll:

What did Hank say? When was he whining?

I had read in my morning paper that he was very upset that he wasn't nominated for the most outstanding player award, and that he deserved more than anybody else.

Who cares what he said...

henry whines all game....every incomplete pass, he wants a flag to save him...every hit, he wants a flag to save him...waaaaaahhhhh

Did anyone else see Copeland point at Hank in disgust when he threw it low to him on their own 25 early in the second half??? Bahahahahahahaha.


...Bahahahahah idiot, he was saying it was his fault for dropping it....