Henry wants to stay

who is the last ticat QB that the majority of ticat fans were happy with and appreciated his efforts?

Danny Mac!!! :rockin:

Danny Mac in 1998: 24 TDs, 19 INTs, 4,864 yards, 59.6% completions, trip to the Grey Cup.

Henry Burris in 2013: 24 TDs, 19 INTs, 4,925 yards, 65.8% completions, trip to the Grey Cup.

You're right. That is ridiculous. Burris must go. Let's return to being knocked out of the playoffs in round 1, if we make it there at all. Watching our team play for the Grey Cup is much too stressful.

Can't wait for more of your insights.

well, DM was minus 2 in td/int ratio for ticats.

he only had one 90+ passer rating

he never made it over 60% pass completion.

All he did is be QB on the last ticat team to win the grey cup.

So how would Burris compare if the ticat defense had showed up and the ticats won the game.

The only good thing about DM other than his intelligence and personality was the magic he had with Darren.

Compare career stats with burris and its not even close.

You call that playing? Now there's some insight!

Bingo! Canā€™t ask for anything more from your QB!

Sorry guys. Not looking for a fight, just don't believe Henry has what it takes to win us the big game. Even if we're lucky enough to get there again with him as the QB. If he does end up staying, I hope I'm wrong!! Good Night. 8)

In the spirit of our off-season politeness, one must ask who would be your available QB of choice?