Henry wants to stay


[b]HAMILTON, Ont. -- If Henry Burris has his way, he will be the starting quarterback to lead the Hamilton Tiger-Cats back to the Grey Cup next year.

Burris, 38, becomes a free agent in the off-season after two seasons with the Ticats. He says he wants to stay in Steeltown and play at the new Tim Hortons Field stadium that is planned to open next season.

"I want to be back here," he said. "We've had a great run. I still feel like I can get it done."

He showed he could still get it done this season, leading the league with 4,925 passing yards. He completed 373 of 567 pass attempts for 24 touchdowns and 19 interceptions.

The team was at its downtown headquarters in Hamilton on Tuesday for one final pack-up of any belongings and exit interviews with the coaches.

Head coach Kent Austin said Burris has done "a great job" for the Ticats. When asked specifically if he wanted Burris back, he said: "Yeah, of course. But some of that's in my control. Some of it's out of my control."

Austin, who is also Hamilton's vice-president of football operations and general manager, has to think about the upcoming expansion draft being held for the incoming Ottawa Redblacks. He will be able to protect a certain number of import and non-import players, including a quarterback.

While he wouldn't divulge any strategies, or who might be protected, one possible scenario would be to hold off on any free-agent signings until after the draft. That way, theoretically, there would be one less player that needed protecting.

Austin said he would hate to lose any one of his players, but that the coaching staff will be looking at areas to improve. If any good can come from such a disappointing loss in the league Grey Cup, he hopes it's that his players will have a better understanding of how to prepare for such a huge game.

"Hopefully, it was an experience that we can learn from and be able to handle situations a little bit better as we mature as a football team which I believe we will," he said. "At least we know now what it's going to take to win the whole thing. We talked about that a lot in our meetings with the players. What they needed to do as a team in the off-season and then their individual instructions from their coaches to get over the hump to win a Grey Cup."[/b]


Priority #1 sign Henry.
#2 get Henry a deep threat wr
#3 win Grey Cup 102.

When the leading passer in the league wants to stay, and the HC and GM wants him to stay, then let's hope they can find a way for him to stay. Where there are two wills, there has to be a way.

II personally would like to see hank back he's best qb we have rite now but mayb levevour gets more playing tine with hank as his mentour n 2o15 hank becomes his back up. Here's hoping


I think you need to add the word "BUT" to your thread title.
Drew's blog today includes Henry's conditions for staying and/or playing elsewhere.

I'd like to see him back as well, I believe he's our best chance for at least next year.

I have no problems with Henry coming back, but we protect LeFevour. Henry competes for the job but now would still be the incumbent starter. What happens during the year is another thing, no guarantees. There is QB talent here that needs to be nurtured for the future, including McGee. Also, i would not be surprised if Kellen Moore, who the Ticats pursued, will no longer be with Detroit after his several years. Lots of good options.

Thanks mr62cats,

This is the "BUT" from Drew,
But there are caveats.

Burris says he wants to play another three seasons and feels he's an elite level quarterback entitled to an starting job. The Ticats have four other quarterbacks under contract for next season but Dan LeFevour, Jeremiah Masoli, Brian Brohm and Stephen McGee have exactly zero CFL starts among them.

“When you look at the best quarterbacks in this league, I hope I'm considered in the top two,? Burris said. “Wherever I'm at, I want to make sure I am the guy. At this time of my career, if I have to take a step back, I think I need to step on to other things. Definitely, I have to be that guy."

There are other complications. The draft to stock the expansion Ottawa RedBlacks is set for Dec. 14 and though it's unlikely that they would use a pick to select Burris he could be attractive to them as a free agent. Other quarterback-needy teams – like, say, Winnipeg – could also be interested if Burris hits the open market.

Burris didn't rule out joining a team with long shot championship hopes.

"Wherever I've been, it seems like every year has been a rebuild. When I went to Saskatchewan in 2000, Calgary in '05, came to Hamilton - it's always been something fresh, something new,? Burris said. “To be able to turn that around was a fun ride but I just want consistency.?

Nor is Burris the only big-name Ticat without a contract for next season. Veteran linebacker Jamall Johnson and Canadian special teams stalwart Marc Beswick are also in the final year of their deals. Both say they want to be back.

"We'll see what happens. I'd love to be here but ultimately that's not my decision. But the Hammer's in my heart and it will always be there," Johnson said. "In this business, you never know what to expect."

Any deal with Beswick, who was the East Division's most outstanding special teams player this season, won't happen until after the expansion draft, when the Ticats will be able protect six Canadians as potential free agents are less likely to be selected.

"We'll sit down and talk about that when the time is right. I know the draft is coming up so they're focussed on that so there's no hurry to get anything done," Beswick said. “I'll be honest, it's pretty much in Hamilton's court. I'm happy here, they treat me great here. The city has given me the opportunity to do what I love.?

Meanwhile, Burris will head back to Calgary to get some rest and think about his future.

"We'll see what happens. I want to be back here. We've had a great run,? Burris said. "I still feel like I can get it done for an organization and win championships."[/b]


Henry needs help in order to succeed. He needs a better OLine - and a hard running smash mouth running back and as someone previously suggested, a bonified deep threat receiver. Fix these issues and we are golden.

At what price?
Burris is sending signals that he believes he is one of the two or three best quarterbacks in the league so I assume he expects to be paid accordingly. I believe Lulay signed for $450,000/yr under his new contract and Ricky Ray is probably paid close to $500,000 under his recent contract extension. At that rate, Burris will expect at least $400,000/yr not counting incentives on a two year contract. If that's what it takes to keep Burris, Eric Austin will face a very a interesting decision.

Did Burris not make approx. $400,000 annually as a TiCat these past two seasons?

I believe Henry is currently at $300,000.00 per season, he made $400,000 in Calgary but took a decrease when signing with the Cats from what I hear, so if he requested $400,000 per year from the Cats now he certainly is worth it.

The Tiger-Cats need to give Burris more help out there, one or two new speedy wide receivers who can open the routes and extend the field and some BIG Offensive Lineman, I think Figerola is a keeper and maybe Hage, Dyakowski but we need some guys in there in the 350 pound range and athletic to open the holes for Gable and block for Henry.

Resigning a 2+1 at $400K would be a steal!

Exactly what would Henry's options be?

B.C.- Lulay
Edm.-Mike Rielly
Cal. -never
Winnipeg - I don't think Henry would want to go there over Hamtown
Tor. - Ricky Ray
Ott. - I don't think so, expansion team "O" Line and receivers, yikes!
Mont. - Maybe, but they will want to go with Troy Smith
Hamilton - Henry wants to be here, he has unfinished business, he knows Austin will build us a winner and will want to be part of it. IMHO this is Henry's best and really only option
Caretaker would love to have Henry start the opening game at Tim Hortons Field and should have a GreyCup game awarded to the City soon

Contracts are about a lot of things one of them being $$$$$$. I believe Henry mentioned in his recent interview that he thought he was one of the top two QB's in the league (I think some of the other QB's in the league may beg to differ). I don't know what Ray is getting but I suspect Henry is likely going for a bit of a raise this time around and this is were Hamilton will have to decide can they afford him or do they roll the dice and go with one of their other QB's (which they have a bunch) and spent the extra monies on other free agents. Also a year older Henry at 39 may be a less productive Henry. An age difference between 23 and 30 doesn't change a person a lot but between 35 and 40 for a QB every additional year could mean significant differences. Any way it will be interesting.

A couple of things to consider: With the new TSN deal and more money likely coming to each team and the salary cap likely going up (new CBA), coming up with money for Hank shouldn't be a problem.

Next season, Hank and the receivers will all be in the second year of the new offense. They should all feel more comfortable with it and I think we will see Hank playing better.

Enough of burris. I want him gone. I am sick and tired of cold henry and hot henry. He is not going to get better no matter who we have. Time to can him and lets get some new blood. Everyone else will have back ups playing in 1-3 years and we will still be stuck with a 40 yr old. After that snap that went by him and he jsut stands their, that ended it for me. And another year of henry, I won't be wasting my time watching.

That snap wasn't Hanks fault. If you want to blame anyone blame the 13th man in Sask. I don't think anyone would have reacted differently in that situation.

If Hank wants to stay, sign him and protect him. He led the offence to Grey Cup and with sharing QB duties still had the most passing yards of any one in the league. A definite keeper.

And he stood there ,while the riders ran past him after the ball. And who cares about his yards, I would perfer someone throw for 4000 and yet be consistent. It is time to move on.

I also wondered why he didn't react but I believe Burris didn't even see the snapped ball go by him.

He seemed too busy scanning the Riders defense and looking up and away from Hage. The ball went by without even touching him and I think he was surprised and wondered what was going on with all the players suddenly moving.

It wasn't until they started running toward and past him he realized what had happened.

It was about the only scrimmaging problem all day IIRC (ie, no, if any, off-side or illegal motion penalties) due to crowd noise which was quite good.


WOW. I can't believe the love for Henry in here. You guys are suckers for punishment. He is so inconsistent, it's agonizing! Over throws, under throws, not throwing the ball away. Ridiculous! Who cares how many passing yards he has, I mean really. 25 TD's and 19 INT's. Come on guys! You can't be serious. The sooner this guy is gone, the better off we'll be. Thanks to the Defense we got by TO to get to the Cup. No thanks to Henry!!! :cowboy:
See Ya Hank. :thup: