Henry may be gone for the season!!!!!!!!!!!


At a press conference yesterday speculation had it that Henry could be gone 4-6 weeks or the entire season. What a blow to the Stamps! Nobody wishes that as we all want the best entertainment in the CFL to happen every week. Speedy return Henry!

All the best Henry, wishing you a speedy recovery as you're a fun qb to watch with some great skills.

In comes the Akili's Heel.

I'd like to add my wishes for a speedy recovery too!

...2 games for sure, then week by week assessments...get better soon Hank, we miss you already I fear...

Sorry RW, it seems it could be longer.

[url=http://calsun.canoe.ca/Sports/Football/2007/09/26/4526989-sun.html]http://calsun.canoe.ca/Sports/Football/ ... 9-sun.html[/url]

Dr Francis reports this that is hilarious. Did you know Francis is related to Marty York.