Henry is TMZ stylin

Burris is a chick !


Hanky Panky Burris

Ça ne concerne que lui et sa famille. C'est sa vie privée.

Burris est le général de la meilleure attaque de la ligue et les amateurs de football devraient respecter ça.

Hanky Panky Henry rolls off quite well :slight_smile:


Hank Da Tank ....Top :lol:

Le Staf - There is no disrespect towards Burris. I was just having some slow news day fun.....just as the pros like Herb Z.

Je comprends. Je ne juge pas : je fais simplement exprimer mon opinion.

After Hank and "Frank"....here come Henryette ! :wink:

Dunno if we're going to see a fan sign in the stands at Monday's game..

And on cue, Herb posts exactly the kind of bs sour-grapes piece we've come to know and despise: http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/h ... story.html

Some choice samples:

The Alouettes haven’t had to deal with much adversity since Trestman became the team’s head coach. But now, they do. And how they react to, and recover from, their 25-point loss at Calgary on Oct. 1, in a game supposedly involving the Canadian Football League’s two elite teams, might define what transpires from here.

Sure, Herb. How about losing 1 hour of practice every practice because our president is a cheapskate hack who couldn't spring to rent a facility for one year while he looked for a permanent solution? How about our best special teams player almost getting stabbed to death? How about having to fire our special teams coach in training camp? How about starting the season on an unheard-of-in-the-CFL three-game road trip out West, yet still emerging 2-1, scoring victories in cities that historically haven't been kind to us?

Nah, no big deal. I'm sure if you took away one hour of practice from every team, they'd be doing just as well.

He also mentions the three-game losing streak in 2008 without once acknowledging how it was indeed a significant piece of adversity at that time, when Trestman was brand-new to the league and still learning how to close out games.

No, it's been clear sailing for three years. :roll: What a bunch of bull.

And nobody’s knows why the Als displayed such a lack of emotion and intensity, along with limited passion and effort at McMahon Stadium.

And nobody knows why the fundamentals of good written English seem to be beyond Herb's grasp after the decades he's spent as a sports journalist.

The players have spoken a good game this week, claiming they remain confident, claiming they continue believing in themselves and the coaching staff. But the world’s full of big talkers.

Wow, Herb, how much do you hate this team?

I have never seen a beat reporter for an incredibly successful team be this consistently sour and unsupportive. Look around at other teams' beat reporters and you'll find criticism, sure, but also plenty of optimism and an abiding sense that the reporters are on the team's side. That goes even for teams that have struggled mightily in recent years, such as the Blue Bombers and the Argos. Herb? No passion, just snarkiness and a nose for whatever bad news he can dredge up.