Henry is tired of getting hit in the Noggin

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Henry says we need MORE penalties called and he's not being treated fairly.

Just what we need ... MORE penalties! :roll:


It's not really about MORE penalties, rather the Hits to Head SHOULD NOT be tolerated in any sports!!

(btw ... I too would like to see less penalties for sure, games are way too slow with all the stoppages in play, just don't IGNORE the ones that SHOULD be CALLED)


Henry's got smog in the noggin


I agree with all of this. I can’t help but wonder, when did they change the rule that if a defensive player goes offside, he can’t get back before the ball is snapped. I’ve noticed this a lot this season. It used to be as long as contact wasn’t made, there would be no penalty as long as they were on side at the snap.

D player can get back before the ball is snapped (if there's no contact) except if he breaks the plane of the O line...then it's a flag and a whistle. I think Henry is whining a bit, on a pass play the head referee's only responsibility is to watch the hits on the QB and they're usually standing right beside them. Late hits, hits below the knee and above the shoulders are usually tagged pretty quickly...not sure what he's whining about.

I know that used to be the rule, but I’m sure that officials are blowing the whistle when a d-lineman pre-maturely steps into the 1 yard neutral zone. Maybe they are just anticipating the player going fully offside, but IMO they are blowing it prematurely.

I'm sure I've seen that too. You mean even if the DLineman doesn't make contact or doesn't cause an offensive player to jump, right?

I think this might be the key here. And o-linemen may be taking a few liberties here, jumping as soon as he sees a defensive player cross into the neutral zone, claiming he was just reacting to being run at.

Yes. If the o player is contacted or caused to move, it is, and has always been a penalty. Now it's being called regardless of that.

I tend to agree with Henry. I have stated the same thing as he did several times...mobile QBs don't seem to get the calls as easily. I think it is the refs being more liberal because of the mobility...they are treated more like a RB than other QBs. I can understand the refs being more liberal in these situations, but that still doesn't make it fair. We see this with Reilly and Durant a lot as well...they have taken some pops that would be a penalty for hits on most other pivots.

My understanding of the rules (which may be flawed) is that once a QB leaves the pocket, he's just another player and no special rules apply.

I haven't seen ANYTHING this year where Burris can make a claim that he's one of these mobile quarterbacks. He's a statue out there. Maybe he's just getting hit more because of it.

There is a rule preventing low hits on the quarterback while he is in the pocket. There are also rules preventing rough hits on a player, any player, after he has thrown a pass, regardless of whether he is in the pocket or not. Other than that (and the hook slide), the quarterback is just another player.

Doesn't matter...he has played mobile for years.
It is similar as refs get used to certain receivers who never make a fuss...when they do, a flag will generally come out.
You build your rep, and it doesn't change over night.

Maybe if the genius GM would’ve spent some money on some receivers who could catch the odd pass and some O-Lineman who could actually block once in a while instead of giving all the cash to Hank than maybe old Smilie wouldn’t be crying so much about getting hit so often this year.I wouldn’t worry about Hank being hit,he is crying all the way to the bank this year cashing in that fat pay cheque that Marcel signed him to. Henry has had a terrific career,but this year he reminds me of when Danny Mac was here in 2003 when his past due date tag was apparent and it was rather obvious that he was over the hill and the Cats ended up that season at an embarrassing 1-17 much like the REDBLACKS will probably end up at 2-16 this season. It’s rather apparent that Burris should hang em up at the end of this season because you can tell his tank is running on empty and like I said earlier the genius GM in Ottawa didn’t give him much to work with in the first place.

Yeah. I guess. Owens is one of those. He put on quite the clown act on the weekend.

He isn't crying about being hit, he complains that it is not called the same from QB to QB. IMO he is absolutely correct on that. Now whether that is fair or not, well, both sides are going to have arguments on that debate.

On one hand you can claim that it should be called the same no matter who it is

On the other hand you have some QBs who go down on any contact while others turn into power backs under pressure, and IMO you can't call a guy who turns mobile exactly the same.

If a QB want's to basically be a pocket guy and not run, he is going to be more likely to get the calls.