Henry, GO TAKE A FLYING .......

And apparently over $400/yr from Ottawa versus high $300's from Winnipeg.

…so says Penton and IF true…Dejardins is crazy…crazy like a fox or just plain crazy :lol:

Say what you will about how the RedBlacks are spending their money, but Ottawa now has a well-known, Hall Of Fame-bound, franchise QB who they can use to win games and sell tickets. Ottawa's fans have now hope that their team will be worth watching. This is exactly what Winnipeg needed. Does Willy give you the same hope/marketability? And there's still a chance HE ALSO won't sign in Winnipeg. Giving Burris an extra year and 100K each year might have given Walters a lot more job security than he has now. And God help him if Muamba signs somewhere else...

Ottawa didn't need Burris to sell tickets. Ticket sales were going well without him. Fans there were pretty stoked when they selected Kevin Glenn in the expansion draft. A splash wasn't necessary. Maybe you're right, maybe Burris gives em a bigger name and more recognition, maybe it re-energizes the fan base that has maybe tailed off after all the excitement of the expansion draft. I'm not sure Walters caving into Burris financial and contract demands would've given Walters any more job security. If anything it might've hampered his ability to reshape the roster. Maybe losing out of Burris hurts his ability to reshape the roster as well. I think the biggest impact will be Muamba. If he signs a NFL deal, then no harm done. If he bolts to another CFL team, that will hurt. But by not paying the extra $ to Burris they will have more to offer up to Henoc.

Give Henry a break. He has to sign with the most term and money. Has to.
Brilliant move by Ottawa. they have no dead money.

There is such a negative pall over Winny...players slagged when they leave, coaches vilified. You have to change approach. Its awful.

...Desjardins is taking a big chance with that much money invested in ol Hank...I'm getting a little less concerned with Walters and his call if the money is correct...Way too much...I'm pretty sure it was Desjardins who signed Printers to a huge salary and he bombed....Granted, Burris is not of the same ilk as Printers but he is getting on...We'll see how this works out but right now he's sitting with 2 qbs. who want to be no 1...Unless they both stay and work out like the Tate and Glenn show, even then it's expensive...Something will have to give...Bombers should let Desjardins sit and sweat...Probably what a lot of other gms are thinking...let him stew till the lid comes off....When he makes his move, it won't be for a deal that he thinks he'll get.. :wink:

Figures. Bomber management shows everyone they don't have their collective heads up their asses and the fans are all upset. Signing a 39 year old that keeps losing his job and wants one final contract before he rides off into the sunset is not how you build a winner! Time to come to grips with the fact that we actually have decent people running things for a change.....

I am surprised Hank signed with the RB.There is automatic competition at camp and Glen is a pretty good QB.That being said a few weeks ago we were looking at Collaros or Willy.Willy is still available and his best chance of starting is the Bombers.If Penton is right and they paid"way over 400" that is a lot of coin.We are not in as bad a state as some fear or others revel in.We still have agood prospect available, a very good scouting staff now and more money to spare for free agency. I still have more hope for them than I did last spring.

Don’t be shocked if Muamba ends up in Ottawa.

I'd be shocked considering Henoc's agent told the bombers they have a deal lined up with a NFL team for next season.

....LOL....Maybe Desjardins will go down south waving his cheque book..yelling sign here :lol: Henoc will most likely make a special teams on some club...Ottawa...not a chance.. :lol:

I think Mark Nelson is more interested in real leaders like Emry or Hebert :cry:

They will need an Emery and Hebert at least. Let's say Ottawa finds a few good receivers for Burris, they get average line play and Burris throws for near 5000 yards again. Anyone remember 2012? 6-12 and out of the playoffs. They'll need Emery, Hebert and a bit more if they're to avoid a similar fate. Best thing Ottawa has going for them is the uncertainty over how all the player and coaching movement will affect the other Eastern teams, but they'll still need few more players to make it happen.

All that's well and good from a rhetorical standpoint, but in the here and now, how does Winnipeg win games without a decent quarterback? Especially since the OC isn't a guy who can get greatness out of average players?

Outside of Shologan and Hopkins, they don't have much on defense right now. Experience is a must on defense. You can bring in a few import rookies at receiver and RB but your halfbacks, LB have to know what they are doing.

Which is why it makes sense to load up on the offensive side of the ball. People forget that Mike Gibson is the OC in Ottawa. Gibson knows how to run a zone-read offense from his days in Calgary. They're building the O-line. Receiver is probably the easiest position to excel at coming straight out of US college. Ottawa should have a decent offense out the gate. On D, not much personnel, but that's why you hire a Mark Nelson -- someone who can make lemonade. :wink:

Also, Mark Nelson's magnificent mane of hair is worth at least 5 QB sacks per year alone. :lol:

Right but again going back to my point - Hamilton loaded up on offense two seasons ago and ignored fixing the D and with Hank going lights out they ended up 6-12 and out of the playoffs. Burris can't carry a team on his own to the playoffs.

Mark Nelson is a decent coach but his previous times as a DC was here in 2009 and we finished 7-11, and in 2012 with the Esks who also finished 7-11. In fact, you go back his last 5 years in the CFL he's only been a coach on a team with a winning record once, that being in 2011 with Edmonton as their LB coach. Someone who can make lemonade? Well maybe it can pass as lemonade but it;s clearly not an award winning brew. It's even worse if you give him rotten lemons which is most of what they have right now. As it stands right now I don't think there's enough there for him to work with to overtake the other teams in the East.

Burris may help bring Ottawa some FA's, and some of those will have to come from the FAs of the likes of Toronto and Montreal, guys like HfxTC has mentioned like McCune, Emery, Bourke, Hebert to weaken their division rivals.

The only hope is if McManus comes out of playing retirement to be the Blue Bomber quarterback himself, otherwise 2014 looks like it may be a 1-17 year for the Blue Bombers at best. Bottom of the basement year again, ahead.
The only place that I can think of that still has paper bags is the MLCC, might be a good place to visit to start stocking up on the paperbag headgear if you plan to be at the home games in 2014. lol

That's an incredibly skewed presentation of the facts. He has fielded good defenses in every one of those years. The teams he was part of finished with losing records because the offenses were inept. By contrast, Casey Creehan couldn't get it done in Hamilton even with a red-hot offense posting up 28+ points per game. Big difference in D coordinators there.