Henry, GO TAKE A FLYING .......

We know this team has new personnel to run it but Henry, at some time in your career somebody had to take a chance on you and give you the benefit of the doubt, Thanks for nothing. Don't want to hear excuses of why it was OK for Smiley not to sign with the Bombers.

Major surprise to me. Did Ottawa offer more than Winnipeg? I suppose that Willy remains the only other option.

Let's hope that Henoc Muamba will re-sign with Winnipeg. Otherwise, it will be a long/difficult 2014 season.


Frankly I'm glad he's going to Ottawa. All the other reasons I've given about my reservations about Burris in other threads, I think the most important thing lately has been the comments from his agent. This is probably Burris' last contract, he wants to be paid like the premier CFL QB based on his last 2 seasons, he wants a 3 year deal. There's a lot of me me me there from Henry. While his experience and ability would've probably helped the team get an extra couple wins on the season, what we don't need is players who are here to collect a big cheque in the twilight of their careers. We need someone who wants to be here and that we can build the team around. I don't think that's Henry. As for Ottawa, I personally think going with Burris over Glenn will be a mistake.

...I knew there was something going on when OH Henry was playing games...I thought I smelled a rat and I was right..This franchise is looked on as a pariah in the CFL...Thanks to the mismanagement of the past we are left out in the cold....Well good luck to Hank and his Ottawa gig...I hope he enjoys throwing to the breeze cuz that's all there'll be to catch his throws..lol...I hope we go hard after Kohlert and get back OUR canuck receiver...What's up for us next....Glenn will not be too happy with the Ottawa gang but I don't see him wanting to be on the Bomber wish list....Most likely head back to Cal....I think the fix was in all along if that transpires..That leaves what I said yesterday that we might go ...Willy and Hall....Rumours are Buono will make a play for Willy and with our luck, we can cancel that fa bid...Bad days ahead for this franchise but doubly so, when you can't catch a break and can't get you head above water...This league is in trouble if this franchise fails and it's on the way... :cry: :oops: :thdn:

Here's hoping Mr.Banks and company will remember this slight when it comes time to play Ottawa :x

...Reports are we offered more money...Henry might have had a better offer in contract length...All I can see...???or we are really looked at as being that bad... :thdn: ...Next up Willy who Danny Mac wants here...I won't count my chickens :lol:

Yeah, we offered him 2 years but Ottawa offered 3.

I think it would really help attracting players if we actually had a coaching staff in place. I'm too concerned that we can lose out on Willy to BC because their OC Khari Jones was his former QB coach with the Riders and their staff is set. Most of our coaching staff is still unsettled. Ottawa has hired their staff. I think ours consists of a HC, Marcel B, Markus Howell, and Pat Tracy, plus an unconfirmed report of Gary Etchevarry. With FA moved up to a week from today basically and now both Collaros and Burris balking at coming here, they will need to fill out some of those spots and give pending FAs something to entice them. If not they risk losing out on some potential FAs who will be turned off by the uncertainty. That breath of enthusiasm from O'Shea's presser when he was hired is fading fast.

I'm going to assume the 3 yr. deal is guaranteed. For the sake of a year....

If you don’t sign Willy, you are left with what you had at QB last year. Will fans pay to see Max Hall start a whole season, especially if Winnipeg loses its first few games?

Walters may be in a no-win here because the organization is now obviously regarded as a dead-zone to free agents.

I think the ace up our sleeve is McManus, who knows a thing or two about throwing. He could quite possibly find a fellow who will be our starter. Things are where we stood before Hank's snub.... Getting excited over Burris was a mistake I will never make again. I hope someone on our D gets excited standing over Burris.

I really wonder what's going on. It's not even just the FAs, it's coaches like Stubler. It's going to be a long rebuild if we can't get anyone with established CFL cred to join up. Mack's gone, Kelly's gone, the new stadium is up and running...what's the issue??

Greed may play a big part.


This whole situation shows why sports today don't hold much integrity. How can any one think a player really cares about his team when money is more important than loyalty or winning ?... I've lost faith in other sports, greed wasn't rampant in the CFL and that was an attractant for me.

I think you have it flipped. Greed would have meant he signed with Winnipeg. There is a good chance that Glen will be moved at some point to Winnipeg or free up another guy like McPherson or Marsh...

3 yr. versus our offer of 2 = Greed.

....reading around the Bomber forums, I'd say the fans are furious and dejected...Burris was not the messiah coming in here but he sure would have given the fans something to cling to this year...Look what we have staring us in the face...First of all, I don't think Glenn wants to come within a country mile of this place...He was dumped and at the time the fans thought justifiably so..It was handled badly BUT it was what the fans wanted...I doubt very much most of the Bomber faithful are going to do a 180 and welcome him back with open arms... The thought of giving Ottawa anything for him burns me up...Probably Desjardins plan all along...Sorry gm of the new franchise...I hope after this latest phony move we give them diddly squat...In fact I hope we offer Kohlert a bucket of cash and bring him back home and they can whistle in the wind for a quality ni receiver...We certainly have the money as the qbs. we currently employ are getting paid peanuts...Even if we signed Willy it won't be for Henry dollars.. We have Hall, a near do well and a couple of other failures presently...Green as grass Willy on the radar and that's it...I'm sure Danny Mac has some people in mind but it's going to take quite awhile to develop whomever..Quite a predicament we find ourselves in...Walters better have something good to say soon and quick :roll: :roll: .....One positive....we have a truck load of dough for free agency BUT does anyone want to come here.. :lol: It would be funny if it weren't so sad.. :oops:

Not necessarily. If contract length spoke louder than cash, it could be an ego issue. :wink:

Contract length= greed.... ego= greed............Not trying to be holier-than- thou, but I was not one who wanted to get rid of KG first time around. After the way he's been treated and the way the Bombers are being perceived, it might be a match made in heaven. Would it not be pure ironic bliss if Glenn came to Winnipeg and we slapped everyone around for a while with a couple of GCs.